Life: September in Montana

I have been traveling like a madman these past ten days or so; all of it exhausting but absolutely worth every bit of effort. I’m weary though, and looking forward to a few good nights’ rest. Today, on my drive from Missoula to Helena, I witnessed once again one of the countless reasons I love Montana and hope to return here soon after my Ph.D. studies have concluded.

It was a gray morning leaving Missoula, but as I traveled east and the day warmed, a brilliant show unfolded all around me. I lament a bit that I didn’t stop to photograph more, but the shots were here one second, gone the next, as whisps of cloud and mist rose and fell over the hillsides along the highway, occasionally lighting the brown grasses to a burning orange under the waking sun.

In the midst of all this I couldn’t help but think of Kelly, the woman of my dreams, and the adventures we will have in these very mountains one day: bright eyes, big smiles, and cameras in hand.

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