Technophilia, blogging, and wiki

Technophilia, blogging, and wiki November 6, 2008

What is technophilia? the love of loud European music?

No. Technology. That is what has been coming my way recently at least. At my work at the Center for Ethics in Montana, we have recently completed a two-year project with the National Science Foundation (NSF) which brought students together in person for a week and then sent them home to continue collaborating using wiki software.

The result, an Online Deliberation Center (ODC) will at some point be made available to the public. Instead of creating encyclopedia articles as on wikipedia, the goal has been to craft policy statements regarding ethics and science. The input from students and the work being done has been very exciting.


Then, just earlier this week, friend and fellow Bristol alumn, Margaret, emailed me (via a discussion group), about Academic Blogging. Hugh McGuire wrote recently for the Huffington Post that academics really should blog, for a variety of reasons including:

2. Some of your ideas are dumb and
9. What have journals done for you lately?

Of course it’s not clear that blogging will necessarily help with those. We’ll see though. For some help, she also suggested, a must read for when you’re not being productive on your academic works – like me, now…


Most recently I’ve gotten the wiki-bug myself (after learning how to create articles). A professor here at UM – my old advisor – has created EdgePhilosophy, a wiki devoted to philosophy at the edges. The site has seen little work until I began a section on Buddhist Ethics there. After some worry that my work might not really fit in there, I’ve also signed up and added my article at Citizendium, a wiki-like site. Finally, not to be outdone, I’ve created the page on wikipedia itself:


to go along with the more normative article on Buddhist Ethics here:


and, to help all those confused seekers of Buddhist Ethics, I created this:


Do I continue building at Wikipedia? Do I move to the newish site, Citizendium? Do I push forward at the UM hosted location? Or should I just blog? And all the while, shouldn’t I be reading? Sigh… 🙂

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