Photos: Spring in Montana

The difficulty of spring and early summer in Montana is the abundance of beauty. What’s worse is that it comes at unexpected times. Clouds roll in, only to part for an amazing rainbow. Birds or bees in great numbers one day may completely disappear the next. Today, for instance, I began an hour-long run prepared for clouds and rain but instead was greeted by blue skies and sun overhead as the rain fell to the north, south, and west of me. And tonight, thinking for sure that the clouds had taken over for the evening, I was surprised to look out and see Mount Sentinel to the east brightly lit up (while it was dark overhead and in all other directions).
Here is a smattering of photos from last night’s sunset and tonights, along with random bits and bops from around the house…
Arrowleaf Balsamroot from Mount Sentinel last night.

One of the trees in our backyard.
Home grown basil, amazingly easy to grow and oh so delicious in so many foods!
For example: Eggplant Parmesan, one of Julie’s specialties, with fresh basil. Oh… So… Good…

Backyard again and one last bee foraging from the tree – most of its petals were blown off in a wind and rain storm this week, so the pollen and bees and birds have mostly moved on.
A motion blur shot for the next Photo Project over at Photography139, run by a friend of Julie’s back in Iowa.
Oliver, Julie’s gorgeous and ever so photogenic cat.
Ah, and finally, some of the sunset pics.

All of the above were from last night while this one is from tonight.
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