PBS Religion and Ethics visits Montana

Ewam 1000 buddhas winter 2012

Ewam Garden of 1000 Buddhas (Winter 2012 : Justin Whitaker)

Lucky Severson and a PBS video crew recently made a visit to Ewam’s Garden of 1000 Buddhas, just north of Arlee, itself about 20 minutes north of Missoula, Montana. The area isn’t what you’d think of as a perfect site for a Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist site, but that is exactly what has been developed and flourished on the land.

In the process, they have discovered deep roots with the Native Americans living there: including principles of non-violent resistance and a belief that all natural things have spirits dwelling within them. Now they share an annual peace festival (held each September, see their site for details), open to all.

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    What a delightful story. May all beings be at their ease, and may we have peace in our home, this very earth.