New Student Journal of Religion

The Claremont Journal of Religion has been launched and has a call for papers for its first issue, due out in early 2012. This “is a student led, peer-reviewed, online journal that focuses on the ways “religion” can be understood in the contemporary world.”

I’ve joined as a referee and look forward to seeing what develops over the coming months. Have a look, submit a paper and encourage friends to do likewise!

In other news, a big thanks to all those who have joined the blog recently. I’ll be taking a bit of an August cyber-retreat, blogging much less and working more on my thesis and an upcoming Pāli course in Oxford. But by mid-Sept or so, things should be fully back to normal (whatever that is).

In my absence, I highly recommend these sutta readings. Put them on your ipod/mp3 player 🙂
"Ahh yes, thank you for catching that! Chenrezig would be the Tibetan :) _/|\_"

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