This Blog is Going Places…

This week, American Buddhist Perspective is packing up and moving to Patheos. It is set up there now: - but still has some kinks to work out before the official move.

While we will have a redirect in place, it’ll be wise to update your RSS feeds, email subscriptions, and all that jazz asap.

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  • Maringouin

    Change noted, feed reassigned. Why the change, Justin? I ask because I'm thinking of starting up a blog (again) and would appreciate your input if you find a better host.

  • Buddhist_philosopher

    Hia Margaret,There were two main factors. One is the increased exposure by being on a site that already draws many people interested in religious matters. The second is community. The Buddho-blogosphere as a whole is great, but people seem to pop up and then disappear pretty regularly, so maintaining community is difficult. It is hoped, by me at least, that the few of us in the Buddhism section of Patheos will stick around for a while. Not to mention the other great blogs there – hopefully all ripe for interesting dialogues.