Heaven and Hell

A friend of mine studying at a certain Ivy League university posted this on Facebook today:

Sign at the divinity school: “I believe that HEAVEN and HELL are REAL! Do you?”

Scrawled comment #1: Depends on what you mean by “heaven” and “hell”.
Comment #2: How do you define “real”?
Comment #3: Or “believe”?
Comment #4: What is this “I” and “you” of which you speak?

  • gojes lady :p

    Both of them are real! no matter what :p

    • Tom Armstrong

      “Both” what? Or, does my ‘what’ not matter?

      • Justin Whitaker


  • Charles Patton

    Passive aggressive answers. A simple yes or no would suffice. But, I sometimes think, when I’m tired, that Heaven and Hell didn’t used to exist, but that we’ve done a very excellent job of creating them here on Earth in modern times. No need for belief anymore.

    • Justin Whitaker

      Indeed – I think the idea that we create Heaven and Hell is true and runs in many ways through Buddhist thought. I didn’t read the answers as passive aggressive, but rather as scholarly, and maybe a bit jokingly – but scholars tend to do both in rather cryptic ways at times, in my experience.

  • Marshall

    Witty and clever, I’d say, not passive aggressive.