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Present |The Voices and Activities of Theravada Buddhist Women
Present |The Voices and Activities of Theravada Buddhist Women

Via the wonders of facebook, I’ve just come across a great journal based in California and supporting Theravada women across the globe. The current issue’s offerings include:

1…Listening at the End of Life: An Interview with Tenzin Kiyosaki
A Tibetan Buddhist nun for twenty-seven years, Tenzin Kiyosaki (formerly Venerable Tenzin Kacho) brings her practice to the bedside working as a chaplain to those facing death.
by Sarah Conover


7…Lasting Inspiration
This substantive scriptural study looks into the guiding and determining mental and emotional states of liberated arahant women as expressed in the sacred biographies of the Therī Apadāna.
by Ayya Tathaaloka Bhikkhuni


25…What Buddhism Gave Me
A new bhikkhuni recounts her annual childhood visits to the Buddhist temple with her Thai mother and the depression of her young adulthood that drew her back to the Dhamma, and eventually to ordination.
by Munissara Bhikkhuni

And from their about page:

Help celebrate and support Present/Alliance for Bhikkhunis!
This journal has been made available to you free of charge through the generous donations of our readers. If you enjoyed this issue, then please consider a tax-deductible donation, in acdordance with the Buddhist tradition of dana (generosity), to help support Present/Alliance for Bhikkhunis.

Present/Alliance for Bhikkhunis allocates 93% of all donations to support and nourish the worldwide Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha. Your donations contribute to bhikkhuni ordination and training costs; bhikkhuni medical, dental and health insurance expenses; bhikkhuni travel costs to conferences and retreats; and to providing requisites, including books and computers, to bhihkkhuni viharas.

Find out more at their website here.

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