Young scholar seeks the experiences and perspectives of Asian American Buddhist youth

My thanks to Arun Likhati of the Angry Asian Buddhist for the heads up on this wonderful new project.

Buddhist chaplain, writer, and young scholar Chenxing Han, is writing her MA thesis discussing the experiences and perspectives of Asian American Buddhist youth.

As many of you know, Asian American Buddhists are very under-represented in contemporary discussions of American Buddhism. Help change this by getting vocal (and spreading the word on this).

From her website:

Asian American Buddhists

The aim of my MA thesis research is to gain a better understanding of how young adults of Asian heritage living in America engage with Buddhism. I was inspired to delve into this topic after noticing that I rarely came across the experiences and perspectives of young Asian American Buddhists in scholarly and popular literature about Buddhism. Personal visits to a diverse range of Buddhist temples and meditation centers have also motivated this research.

While secondary readings in American Buddhist studies, Asian American studies, and other disciplines inform this project, the voices of young Asian Americans form its foundation. I am currently conducting one-on-one interviews with people between the ages of 18 to 39 who are 1) of Asian heritage, 2) engaged in Buddhist practice, broadly defined, and 3) willing to complete a two- to three-hour interview in English. The interview includes open-ended questions and interactive activities that explore participants’ Buddhist practices, communities, and  beliefs; perceptions of Buddhism in America; and opinions about the representation of Asian American Buddhists.

This is a humble study of a broad and complex subject, so I am very grateful for anyone who is willing to share their ideas and suggestions with me!

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