A Talk and Guided Meditation with Lama Surya Das and Ram Dass

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The talk starts off a bit slowly and meanders (in a good way) at times, but for those who like Lama Surya Das and/or Ram Dass, this will be a great treat.  The conversation flows from preparing for death, being Jewish and inspired by Jesus, Maharaj-ji, experiences in India, Cats vs. Dogs, baseball, love, and more “teachings and moments on the spiritual path” along with a brief period of meditation.

For more, see my Oct. 2012 interview with Lama Surya Das: American Buddhist and Bestselling Author.

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  • Jesse

    I’m glad to know that Surya, like Ram Das, is finally out about his bisexuality. Bravo! Of course for years it was an inner circle knowing but it seems as he ages, SD is more open than ever. He gives little clues here-and-there for those who know the “secret language” as he puts it. For example, they have a discussion about dogs and cats (code words). Then Surya asks, “Didn’t Maharaj-ji tell you not to be attached to dogs or cats?” and then says, “you know what I’m saying.” Ram Das immediately gets it because “dogs” is code for males and “cats” for females, as in sex partners (00.29.30 – 00.30.20). So Surya likes to talk about dogs knowing those in the “know” will get it. Surya was also trained in Tibetan Buddhism where a different set of code words are used for male and female sexuality/partners. Great video, thanks.