Montana based Non-profit offers Wilderness Meditation Expeditions in Wyoming

The Absaroka Institute,  a non-profit educational organization dedicated to supporting spiritual and ecological literacy, will offer two Wilderness Meditation Expeditions this year in the Absaroka (pronounced ‘absor-kee’) mountain range which runs through Wyoming and Montana.

The expeditions will be in August and September of this year and will move through Wyoming’s remote and wild Absaroka Range within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, truly one of the most beautiful and relatively remote and untouched places in the world.

According to the institute, the purpose of the expeditions will be to, “explore the true meaning of freedom and wildness; access your authentic self; learn how to respond gracefully under stress.”
 [Photo near Emigrant, MT, near the northern-most tip of the Absoraka Range.]
From the Institute:
For millennia, human beings have entered wild landscapes for pilgrimage and retreat. From Asia to the Americas, a common tradition of studying the self in relation to mountains, canyons and rivers has emerged as fundamentally transformative.
The Absaroka Institute offers wilderness meditation expeditions that explore wild nature and human potential. While traveling through beautiful and wild landscapes of the Rocky Mountain West, Absaroka Institute participants practice meditation and mindfulness techniques that support personal transformation.


August 14 – 17, 2013
Absaroka Range, Wyoming
Greater  Yellowstone Ecosystem
September 13 – 16, 2013
Absaroka Range, Wyoming
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Contact Absaroka Institute: For trip details and registration, please visit: or contact Charles Wolf Drimal406.224.2588

Founded in Livingston, Montana, the Absaroka Institute is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to supporting spiritual and ecological literacy for the benefit of human and planetary health. Absaroka Institute teaches meditation practice as an essential means to realize self-awareness. Wilderness meditation expeditions equip people with skills to respond gracefully under stress, access their authentic self, and integrate this awareness into their personal and professional lives.

Drimal, the Executive Director, holds an MA from Boulder Colorado’s Naropa University – well known among Buddhists as one of the first Buddhist (or, as they say Buddhist-inspired) institutions of higher learning in America.

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