Buddhist Hip Hop: the latest from Born I

I had the pleasure of meeting Ofosu (aka Born I and Born Infinite) at the 2012 UN Vesak conference, organized by Dr Dion Peoples (pictured below). His presentation, which included some free-style verse, was fantastic and I can only hope he continues to attend and present at conferences such as this.

Unifying Buddhist Philosophical Views panel, Bangkok Thailand 2012
Myself, Born I, Ricardo Sasaki, and Dr Dion Peoples: part of the Unifying Buddhist Philosophical Views panel, Bangkok Thailand 2012 (photo via Ricardo Sasaki)

Describing his cross-genre electronic/hip hop/rap music, Born I says, “If I can bring different sounds together, I can bring different people together; if I can bring different people together, then we can begin to see that we’re not really that different at all. That’s how we’ll change the world.”

Read and hear more from Born I in a great 2011 interview he did with Shmbhala Sunspace’s Rod Meade Sperry and follow Born I Music on twitter here. Click the image for the Born I Music website:

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