A Survey on Mindfulness Coaching

With the ever-increasing awareness of mindfulness as a worthwhile practice and skill for everyone, new avenues are being sought to teach and guide new participants. For the last year, I have been teaching small groups the basics of mindfulness using mindfulness of breathing, walking meditations, and loving-kindness, along with other practices. I have also stressed the importance of community, ethics, and philosophy (understanding the nature of oneself and the world) in these classes while doing my best to understand and present aspects of the ongoing flood of scientific studies on mindfulness.

Along the way, I have incorporated the teachings in my life, developing closer ties to my own local community as well as -just now- helping to form a new, specifically Buddhist, community in Helena, a small-ish Montana city with two active Zen groups but not a lot more available for those wishing to learn more about Buddhism and meditation. Part of my deepening practice has included both an increasing gratitude for meditation and the continued pursuit of ways to serve others.

In my meditation/mindfulness courses, each time I have seen participants turn corners in their own processes of suffering and grief or lack of awareness, and others who were simply there to dip their toes in, so to speak. I have also picked up another person or two who has likewise asked, “how can I help?”

In the latest case of this, the idea has been hatched to create a multi-format mindfulness coaching or guidance platform: a source for guided meditation, structured courses, interactive community, and access to real teachers to guide and encourage participants in their practice. We’re in early stages, so I don’t want to say too much. But I do want to get your feedback on a short survey about meditation in order to see what would be most helpful to you.

Please complete this and share with friends/groups who might benefit from access to mindfulness guidance of this sort.


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