Auguries of Connectedness

A couple weeks back - or more by now, Mark left me a massive (huge thanks!) comment regarding a prior post of mine and I promised a prompt response. Being a fellow Montanan, Mark urged me to enjoy the glorious MT summer and let the response wait, which I definitely appreciate. Here, now, I'll try to address some of Mark's points. This will have to be mostly off the top of my head, but it's better than nothin'.Justin,Back on May 28th the topic was "moral connectedness." [JW: my link] Here are … [Read more...]

Smiles: Fearless Chocolate

Chocolate by mail!A couple months ago I blogged about a breakthrough I had had on retreat: bringing up some unconscious fears I had been holding onto (or that had been holding onto me). It was a difficult process for me, though deeply freeing at the same time.I commented then, but can't say often enough that a meditation retreat can be a very powerful experience. On my first long retreat I really wasn't dealing with any fears/issues of my own, but witnessed many people around me bringing up … [Read more...]

Dharma Tuesday: Developing a practice of Gratitude

Today was “one of those days” for me; for some reason I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, grumpily trudged off to work, and found myself continuously irritated with simple tasks and obstacles.That is, until about 5:30. That’s when I got to go home for dinner and to prepare this little piece on gratitude.Now, my first thought is (and yours may be similar), “if you’re such a good meditator, Buddhist, spiritual guy, you shouldn’t have days like this.” Well, guess what, it happens.That’s often … [Read more...]

Catching Up

Wow, it seems like a while since I posted. For now I'll just say a bit about what I've been up to.I've been meaning to get back to the topic of evolutionary ethics and Mark's wonderful comments a few weeks back... Note that Will over at integral options has posted this and probably much more of interest to us both... (still on my to-do list)Pouring myself into studying critiques of Pop Psychology; mainly looking at why pop psych fails (it fails to address our shadow side and/or our childhood … [Read more...]

Dharma Tuesday: Joy and Meditation

This week we get to discuss a wonderful topic: bringing joy to our meditation and meditation to our joy. This is great because meditation, and indeed life itself, can be a source of countless joys. Indeed for most of us it is. Life is good.But it can also be filled with such pain and sorrow. And often-times it is our sorrows and pains that dominate our meditation experiences. I heard one Tibetan Buddhist's story of an American woman who went to India in search of enlightenment, but after … [Read more...]

A Good time to be in MT

In Buddhism, and increasingly in popular discussion, we speak of karma bringing us someplace or being the cause of certain events in our lives. However, very important in Buddhism (and any other religious tradition) is the place of free will or choice. Our karma may nudge us this way or that, like a negative old behavior pattern we just seem compelled to repeat again and again (perhaps hoping this time will be the last). Yet it is up to us still to choose to follow that nudge or to awaken to … [Read more...]

Summer Evening

Inspired by miss Patia. … [Read more...]

Into Emptiness

Sunset in Bozeman at the Royal 7Into EmptinessSensitive soulsFall soFreelyInto EmptinessInto LoveAnd LossMissingDesiringLongingFor herTo fillEmptinessThis fool’s errandWhat the wise ones knowI supposeIs that there is no fillingThe EmptinessSevens dance in Missoula lights as Fireworks burstOnly befriending itAcceptingThat aloneIs the warrior’s HomeThe abodeTo share with othersMany windowsMany doorsOpenFlowing freelyAloneWith GraceIn LoveWith LifeItselfEnough.A blue Heron Flies over Missoula's Mou … [Read more...]