Buddhist Ethics and Meditation

The following is the beginning of a paper I will present in just under 12 hours at U-Montana on "Buddhist Meditation as a Moral Activity." Am I nervous? Of course. Has it been stressful? Of course. Have I loved it all? Of course! Some of the underlining and italics is just for to help me emphasize key points. I managed to sneak a tiny mention of Kant in there, but nothing more than that in this paper. As always, feedback, constructive and otherwise is heartily welcomed :) INTRODUCTION … [Read more...]

Easter Inspiration

I was delighted to hear this today on the radio.Stained Glass Artist Lets The Light Through At Lastby Justine KeninI found myself touched by the humility and wonder of this 84 year old man, Rowan LeCompte. He has spent his life creating windows that give many onlookers a sense of awe, and perhaps even a feeling of God. But when asked if he believed in God, he answered that he believes in love and kindness and the rest he just doesn't know. When Scott Simon suggested his work was similar to … [Read more...]

Springtime for Missoula

* not to be confused with this springtime.I spoke with my sister in L.A. yesterday and she was sad this year that spring had come and yet nothing had changed in her city. "Beautiful day today, beautiful day yesterday, beautiful day tomorrow," she lamented. It seems odd, but there is a cost to living in city where the weather patterns alter only slightly with the seasons. "Our bodies," she noted, "are made for seasons."At least I know mine is, and apparently hers too. Perhaps its our … [Read more...]

As If on Twitter

I'm having a hard time keeping up with all of these online toys and tools of late. Busy, busy, busy, IRL (in real life). So, as I'm not keeping up on twitter or blip.fm or facebook like I should be, here are some very short 'me' updates:Great ambient music - right here (and free) - hense no blips recently.BEAUTIFUL day in Missoula - BIG blue skies - I should jog...Having occasional weird 'emotional' flashbacks of late; told it may be mild PTSD from a past relationship (eek). Also told it … [Read more...]

Kreativ Blogger

Along with much of the other wonderful news of last week came a very lovely award from Kristen, aka Miss Vesper of Vesper in Limbo. (Thanks, miss V)If you’re awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award, you’re supposed to post 7 Things You Love and 7 Kreativ Bloggers whom you wish to bestow the award upon. 7 Things I Love: [aka 7 things I'm grateful for]Buddhist Philosophy - So maybe it's a bit nerdy, but when I take the time and allow Buddhist thought to flow over me, from cosmology to ethics to med … [Read more...]

Night Out

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Conference Acceptance, First Flowers, and Borderline Revisited

So much going on - as usual. Let's see.... This week I found out that my proposal was accepted for the American Academy of Religion, AAR, conference (next November in Montreal)! I made my first hike of the year up Mount Sentinel for the sunset last night, along the way discovering the first -to me at least- wildflowers blooming along the hillside. And I plowed through yet another very interesting book on Borderline Personality Disorder...AARI am very, very happy that not only do I get to … [Read more...]

Ethical dimensions of climate change

Gotta love this guy:I had the pleasure of meeting Don Brown, the speaker here, twice over the last couple years as he has traveled to Missoula each summer for our National Science Foundation program: Debating Science.He concludes this talk by quoting writer Bill McKibben who said the following:I'm sitting here wondering why Americans don't see Climate Change as a moral and an ethical issue. It makes me think of my parents, who were really good people, but who did not 'get' civil rights until … [Read more...]