Happy Thanksgiving! (Culture War) Is Over If You Want It


Every major holiday I make a special plea--hoping to convince a few fellow travelers who are feeling generous during the holidays. What is this plea? To stop listening to the alarmist rhetoric that emanates from the most radical quarters of their respective movements and once and for all put an end to this manufactured thing called the "culture war." Please do not be surprised that these feigned outrages are not selective, manipulated for maximum effect, and, if you analyze closely--often … [Read more...]

35 And Counting – Latino/ Pentecostalism’s Stunning Silence on Gun Violence

Daniel Diaz

Daniel Diaz, a 33 year-old youth pastor was killed a few days ago. Here is the story, he is one of 35 murder victims in the San Gabriel Valley city of Pomona this year. These suburbs are not the gated planned communities you may be familiar with or the sleepy burb I live in -- Pomona is a troubled burb. It is also majority Latino/a and African American in its demographic. Since the beginning of the year, the city has been plagued by a constant stream of killings -- most of them gun-related -- … [Read more...]

Happy Dia De Los Muertos!


This Halloween season reminds me of how busy the next few months will be with work and family stuff. Today Nov1st--All Saints Day is followed by All Souls Day and it's a tradition in some Mexican households to honor the dead with an altar. Since I have a Mexican/Irish/Japanese family--we made an altar--seen below. We chose celebrities because we live in the US--where everything is entertainment--and because we didn't want to lay the heaviness of a maudlin message on our kiddies so soon after … [Read more...]

Really who cares what John MacArthur thinks?


I don't normally enter white evangelical world dust-ups, there are really too many, and they are often uninteresting. Also, I figure if I give celebrity preachers the time of day, they may actually start to think that I take them seriously, which I don't, but when the likes of John MacArthur goes on a wholesale attack against the Pentecostal/charismatic movement, well then, I have lots to say, but I have not found a blog post that says it quite as well as my Twitter friend "HoodieR" does---so, … [Read more...]

The Secret Masonic History of –Nothing Really


Outbursts of religious zealotry are par for the course in my line of work. Having studied and worshiped with Pentecostals for nearly 20 years, most of these outbursts are not of an overtly political nature—unless you count the “prophetic” word someone once yelled out to watch more Christian T.V.—which I immediately categorized in my own mind as not only aesthetically questionable, but certainly emanating from a political agenda. So a couple of religious outbursts have caught my attention of late— … [Read more...]

Survey says: we’re still Catholic, Democrats, and increasingly Nones

New research released last week tells us a couple of things about the Latino/a community in the U.S. You can read it here:http://publicreligion.org/research/2013/09/hispanic-values-survey-2013/   1) researchers really need to stop using the term "Hispanic" since its really not a good descriptive term for the diversity of the community and its origins in the Nixon administration's attempts to define us in the US. Census is old news 2) That being said, the findings here are … [Read more...]

Bienvenidos! Again

I'm not gonna write too much today--for many reasons1) all the good stuff about the Breaking Bad Finale has already been said--I will miss that show2) I am new to this page and I guess I want to re-introduce myself in hopes of gaining new readers?3) my primary job is as an academic--so writing is what I do all the time, and I admit to sometimes not having time to update this blog because...4) I am an academic and grading and meetings are some of the more arduous tasks of this … [Read more...]