Survey says: we’re still Catholic, Democrats, and increasingly Nones

New research released last week tells us a couple of things about the Latino/a community in the U.S. You can read it here:   1) researchers really need to stop using the term "Hispanic" since its really not a good descriptive term for the diversity of the community and its origins in the Nixon administration's attempts to define us in the US. Census is old news 2) That being said, the findings here are … [Read more...]

Bienvenidos! Again

I'm not gonna write too much today--for many reasons1) all the good stuff about the Breaking Bad Finale has already been said--I will miss that show2) I am new to this page and I guess I want to re-introduce myself in hopes of gaining new readers?3) my primary job is as an academic--so writing is what I do all the time, and I admit to sometimes not having time to update this blog because...4) I am an academic and grading and meetings are some of the more arduous tasks of this … [Read more...]

Pope Francis–Is Sick and Tired of the Culture War Too

Photo on 2013-03-19 at 14.23

This is the time when with the start of a new semester, my blogging often comes to a crawling halt--I will continue to try and write something, even if it's brief...and I hope that next time I am writing, I'll be writing from a different "location" so my not-so-unique perspective as a progressive Latina Pentecostal/charismatic/born and raised Catholic/but finds herself at home in charismatic churches--and really likes Episcopal churches--will have a broader audience among my progressive … [Read more...]

Outliers: Interviews w/ Progressive Pentecostals


First in a series...with Pentecostals skewing the norm--and disturbing the universeAn interview with my friend and colleague Rick Waldrop, whose mission work in Ecuador hints at a progressive Pentecostal future that I'm thrilled to report on and even more excited to support financially. I hope if this interview impresses you as much as it did me, you'll consider supporting the Waldrop's workTo read more about Rick's work: … [Read more...]

End of the Summer Musings

Voodoo Donut-Portland

Been doing lots of posts on culture and music—because sometimes you just have to unplug from the news. And it's summer! And it's now over...soPortland is a phenomenal city-vacationing there reminds me that the Northwest—a bastion of the “nones” is a great place to live. I got lots of writing done on lots of little projects- I'm happy about that! Things I'm less happy about: harassing children for singing the national anthem in Español. Classless hatred at its worst. Even more distur … [Read more...]

Remembering Elvis…and the Pentecostal War on Rock n Roll


This is the anniversary of The King's death.  I've been to Graceland, and I must say that aside from the garishness of it all, it was moving to see the reverence folks have for him.  Most people know that Elvis had a religious background, and even recorded some pretty good gospel albums, what most do not know was that Elvis was a member of the Assemblies of God, and in his youth, was even an Ambassador for Christ--the Assemblies' youth ministry. In fixing up a long awaited chapter I am working o … [Read more...]

Outliers: Musings from Millennial Evangelicals


Today's guest post is one of those posts that you find when you spend way too much time on Twitter and and realize that there are so many varied voices out there that are never voices that the media uses when they want to "analyze" evangelicalism, media types usually trot out the same old folks--and with the current obsession over why (white)  millennials are leaving churches--I thought it would benefit readers of this page to read one person's response--this was originally posted in her fine … [Read more...]