Making the Trek to General Conference #ldsconf

We made it!

With brief stops at Martin’s Cove, the McDonald’s in Rawlins, the gas station in Coalville, and the Barnes and Noble in Sugar House…Todd and I have arrived in the Salt Lake Valley for General Conference.

Doing this by Suburban is so much easier than doing it by handcart.

Please, join Todd, some special guests, and I, as we cover General Conference live from the Conference Center. (The quests will be joining us from all over the USA. Todd and I will be on location).

We are excited to hear from you. We will have live open-stream for each session of this weekend’s conference. We will also report on each talk. So, if you missed a talk or a session…or if you napped through a few…check with us here at Approaching Justice for updates and highlights.

I am excited for Conference! I hope you will share it with us here at Approaching Justice.


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