I Still Need Your Vote! (Netroots Nation Update)

I am currently ranked at #33 and have a ways to go.

I still need your vote!

As I have mentioned yesterday, I am trying to go to Netroots Nation so that I can network and advance both my blogging and my social justice advocacy.


The voting goes through May 7th and I still need your help!

In order to lock in one of the scholarships, I need to be one of the top 5 vote-getters among the different people who have applied for the scholarship. Even if I do not make the top 5, a strong showing will help my case for one of the other scholarships.

Please go and vote for me! It only takes a few seconds.

Once you have voted, please share either this post or my page at the Netroots contest with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere you would be so kind to do so. Every vote counts!

Thank you!


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