August Subscription Drive: Help Me Readers, You Are My Only Hope Weekend

I am going to come at this from a different angle than I did yesterday.

August is the first quarterly subscription drive here at Approaching Justice.

The goal for this drive is to get 1000 individual subscriptions or donations.

I am asking you to help by picking one of two ways:

1. Subscribe to make monthly $2 payments to Approaching Justice.

2. Make a one-time donation in an amount of your choosing.

My goal for this weekend is 100 subscriptions or donations by the end of the day on Monday August 5.

Will you help me out?


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Chris Henrichsen has moved Approaching Justice off of Patheos. Find his latest posts and the new Approaching Justice. Thanks!

  • Julia Taylor

    Maybe I don’t understand the reason for the subscriptions and it was covered elsewhere. Does Patheos ask you to get paying subscribers?

    • Chris Henrichsen

      No, Patheos has nothing to do with this (other than, of course, hosting this blog and being awesome). These donations and subscription go to me and support my writing here at Approaching Justice…and the book projects that will grow from all of this.

      Patheos pays me based on page views per month. I have only reached the number of page views needed to get paid once. That month, I get got $50. The bloggernalce is a rather small market in terms of raw numbers. My audience is growing and many of my specific posts which have done the best have reached beyond the online Mormon audience.

      Since I am no longer teaching, I am trying to make a go as a writer. I cannot do that without support.

      Thanks for asking! What other questions do you have?