Constitution Week: George Washington (Pt. 1)

Author’s Note: This post is part of a series looking at resources for teaching children about the U.S. Constitution on Constitution Day (Sept. 17).

The cartoon series Liberty’s Kids aired on PBS from 2002-2004. It is a historical fiction account of the events of the Revolutionary War and the early United States told through the eyes of Sarah (15), James (14), and Henri (8).

Elements of such an approach can be cheesy. However, I think Liberty’s Kids does a good job of developing some important characters from history, while not over indulging in myth and cliche.

Episode #38 is titled “The Man Who Wouldn`t Be King” and deals with some of the events between the Treaty of Paris which officially ended the Revolutionary War and the Constitutional Convention.

It addresses the turmoil which faced the United States under the Articles of Confederation.

Part One of this Episode introduces us to the turmoil within the military ranks as well as the dysfunction within Congress. We are also introduced to a fellow named James Madison.

Here is Part One of Two:

Click here for Part Two.

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