Lewis Black on Religion, Politics, and Mormons

Lewis Black is a cranky guy from Montgomery County, Maryland. I think I appreciate his style so much because I am a somewhat cranky guy…also from Montgomery County, Maryland.

Here is Black from 2008:

YouTube Preview Image

Amen! To the last part. And the testicles part.

I got a kick out of Black’s description of Mormons as “whacky” with a “moral center.” Some are more whacky and some have a more solid moral center than other. But “whacky” with a “moral center” sounds like a good way to describe Mormons in general.

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  • Dan McClellan

    Hey, I’m from Montgomery County, Maryland. North Potomac, to be specific. I’m only cranky some of the time, though.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/approachingjustice/ Chris Henrichsen

      I was born in D.C and raised in Wheaton and Olney. I graduated from Sherwood High School.

  • andrew2001

    Love this. I always get a good laugh when Black is on The Daily Show