Introducing the Faith & Social Justice New Roundup

I am starting a new and permanent series at Approaching Justice called the "Faith and Social Justice News Roundup."The Faith and Social Justice News Roundup with be links to stories and commentaries about faith and social justice. At Approaching Justice, I take a rather broad approach to both faith and social justice. My hope is that this daily (Monday through Friday) series will help make Approaching Justice a place where you can visit to find a wide range of information about faith and … [Read more...]

The Real Thomas B. Marsh Story

The historian John Hamer wrote a post at By Common Consent about the early Latter-day Saint Apostle Thomas B. Marsh back on July 1, 2009 . The post is titled "The Milk & Strippings Story, Thomas B. Marsh, and Brigham Young." Today's Sunday School lesson focused, in part, on the Thomas B. Marsh cream fable (I like Hamer's use of "fable").Here is a selection from John's BCC post:Thomas B. Marsh and his wife Elizabeth were baptized on September 3, 1830, and were therefore … [Read more...]

Influence of Jean Bodin on Rawls #rawlsreligion

Rawls wrote in "On My Religion" that one of the texts on religions which has most struck him is the Colloquium of the Seven by Jean Bodin. Rawls noted that three features of Bodin's thought stood out and impressed him about Bodin:First, Bodin was committed to toleration as a life-long Catholic. Rawls differentiates this from Spinoza who "came to toleration after rejecting or changing his religious faith" (Rawls 2010, 266). Toleration was instead for Bodin "an aspect … [Read more...]

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

I shared this video during the first lecture of American Heritage of Spring term 2010 at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.The large lecture section applauded this video...not sure why my lectures didn't receive to same response. Oh, well. :)Happy Independence Day! … [Read more...]

Is God an American?

Of course, not. While I cringe at the heavy doses of American exceptionalism (often in the most cheesy forms) within American religious culture, maybe there is something valuable in viewing American and Christianity as being intertwined.However, it is often not intertwined in a positive sense, like a manifest destiny, but a destructive one. Of course, "Manifest Destiny" itself was corrupt and destructive. This mixture of American and Christian identities is something that was can trace … [Read more...]

Deport The Statue of Liberty!

If anything...because of the French accent. This is the kind of person we want to keep out!I am just furious about these people taking jobs from real Americans. I might not be able to enjoy my hot dogs and fireworks on July 4th because of this."Like" Approaching Justice on Facebook … [Read more...]

Patriotism? Bah Humbug!

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, I have had doubts about the way in which the lens of nationalism informs my view of the world. While many turned to the flag and the chapel in the aftermath of those attacks, both seemed superficial to me. The loss that day was not an American loss but a loss of humanity. Those lives had value not as Americans (of course, many were not Americans), but as human beings. That many rallied around the banner of patriotism disturbed me then as much then as it … [Read more...]