“More Than Enough”

Fox News loves to talk about the "War on Christmas".  Every year from Thanksgiving to December 25th they whip their audience into a ratings frenzy by talking all about how anyone who doesn't wish you a "Merry Christmas" in the exact way that they do has surely declared war on Christmas and even on the baby Jesus himself.  And I am ashamed to say that I used to believe them.  Now, I realize that they are wrong.Why do I feel that way?  For many reasons, but let me mention the two that are the m … [Read more...]

Believing in Santa Claus: Faith and Social Justice

I believe in Santa Claus.He is not real, but he has spiritual significance for me. In this way, Santa is like Job. I do not think that Job was a real person, but I do think that Job is one of of the most powerful books of the Bible. Symbolism is very powerful.Watching A Christmas Carol (the George C. Scott version...of course), I realized that, for me, Santa Clause is the Ghost of Christmas Present. Now, I am not an expert on Dickens, but I have always loved this story and I have … [Read more...]

Love and Understanding

It was Christmas 1981. I was in 3rd grade and I loved Star Wars.  That year all of the 3rd grade classes at the Maeser Elementary school came together to sing a Christmas concert.  Each student was given a mimeographed booklet with the words to all of the songs in it so that we could read and memorize them (if you do not know what a mimeograph is ask some one who was born in the early 70's or before).  One of the songs immediately become my favorite Christmas song - "What Do You Get a Wookie For … [Read more...]

Tears of Joy: Federal Judge Strikes Down Utah’s Gay Marriage Ban

"I'm in tears." D. Christian Harrison told Approaching Justice earlier this afternoon, as he took in the news that a U.S. District Court in Utah ruled today that Utah's 2004 gay marriage ban was unconstitutional."I'm sitting at my desk in tears," Harrison continued. "Today, Utah becomes the 18th state in our country to recognize gay marriage. And it happened because people stood up and said 'this is not right' — people like my friends Derek Kitchen and his boyfriend Moudi Sbeity, two of the p … [Read more...]

“We Three Kings” Judas Priest Edition

Okay, it is actually Rob Halford and his supergroup. But Halford is best known as the lead singer of Judas Priest.Between now and Christmas, I will be sharing here at Approaching Justice some of my favorite renditions of Christmas songs.The studio version of Halford singing "We Three Kings" is on my iPod rotation year-round. Take a listen: As you will notice, Halford is joined by Slash on the guitar and Father Christmas on bass. Or maybe the bassist is a member of the … [Read more...]

TLC Picks Up “My Five Wives” as a Series

I just received word from Shannon Martin, a senior director of publicity with TLC, that the show "My Five Wives" featuring the Williams family has been picked up as a series.The nine episode season is set to premiere on March 9.The debut/pilot episode aired back in September. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that episode "averaged 1.9 million total viewers."On Tuesday, Approaching Justice reported about the response of Brady Williams to Friday's Brown v. Buhman ruling which s … [Read more...]

Review: The Challenge of Honesty

The Challenge of Honesty is a compilation of five essays and twelve and devotionals that were written and delivered by Frances Lee Menlove over the course of forty seven years. The titular essay is the book’s oldest, having been written by Menlove as a part of the inaugural issue of “Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought” in 1966. The most recent essays are two which were written specifically for this volume titled “Untangling Faith and Belief: A Modest ‘Trammel Reduction’ Proposal” and “If Not N … [Read more...]