When Your Spouse is Struggling with ANXIETY

Anxiety and depression are a huge struggle that that millions of people face every day.  We often use the terms “anxious” and “anxiety” to describe our nervousness or apprehension about something.  But, for those who suffer with recurring anxiety attacks,… Read more

How to MOVE FORWARD After Losing Someone You Love

GUEST POST by Daniel Brooker This guest post is by our friend, Daniel Brooker.  After losing his young wife to cancer several years ago, Daniel became a single dad with two young children to raise on his own.  My husband, Dave,… Read more

To the Friend Who Rolled Her Eyes at Me When I Said that I Wanted to “Ask My Husband FIRST” Before Making Plans

Dear Friend, Remember when you asked if we could get together for a girls night out?  I naturally replied as I always do to these invitations, “I’d love to!  Let me ask Dave first, and I will let you know…”… Read more

The Newest Trend in Kids Birthday Parties Could Change the World for the BETTER

Birthdays are awesome.  And, birthday parties are even better, right?  Well…not always when it comes to our kids.  Some believe that kids birthday parties have become overindulgent, overdone, and overpriced events that are leaving parents–and most of all kids–with too many toys left unappreciated and lots of money down the drain.  So, what’s a better alternative?  Well, some parents believe that “fiver” parties are the answer.  So, what exactly is a fiver party? (more…) Read more

Which Season of Parenthood is HARDEST on Your Marriage (and How Can You Overcome It)?

Marriage is hard.  Parenthood is hard.  And, any of us who have done BOTH for any length of time know this to be the absolute truth. But, there are some seasons of parenthood that are harder on a marriage than… Read more

One Couple’s MOST AMAZING DIY Surprise DATE NIGHTS: Would You Do THIS for Your Spouse?

Any of you who read this blog know that my husband, Dave, and I are HUGE fans of date night, and we make it a point to have one on a regular basis.  Recently, I came across the sweetest ABC… Read more

5 Ways to HELP Your Spouse Snap Out of His/Her Funk

Everybody gets in a “funk” sometimes.  It makes us grumpy at best, and this scratchy disposition can hurt our marriage if we’re not careful in how we handle it.  My husband, Dave, and I seem to take turns working out our… Read more

10 Questions that Every Mom Has Asked Herself

Being a mom is awesome, but man, it is hard! We want to be the BEST mom we can possibly be, but for most of us, we feel like we are missing the mark–daily. And, there are a billion thoughts… Read more

When People Let You Down

GUEST POST by Micah Maddox (Excerpt taken from Anchored In: Experience a Power-Full Life in a Problem-Filled World by Micah Maddox) There is a desire inside every little girl to be loved, cherished, and adored by her daddy. Just the… Read more

20 Tell-tale Signs that MOM Could Use a BREAK

Being a mom often means taking care of everyone else EXCEPT yourself.  It is a tremendous blessing that is both exhausting and rewarding.  Motherhood is a job where the to-do list is endless…but moms need breaks too.  With a newborn… Read more

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