AskAngus4: I have a Dream, about Jesus on a UFO


Ooh! New term alert! I honestly had never heard of the term “Witch Dream” before. But that’s not too surprising. I rarely make any distinction between my religious life and my mundane life. To me “Witch Dream” is a redundant phrase. Every dream I have is a Witch Dream, just like every hike I take is a Pagan Hike, and every corn fritter I eat is the Holy Eucharist. [Read more...]

AskAngus3: Rich and Thin Gorgeous Twins For the Win!


Wendy: If we are such hot shot magickians why aren’t we all rich and thin and gorgeous?
Dear Wendy, Well, speak for yourself! No wait: I’m 0 for 3. But still! [Read more...]

AskAngus2: Toads, Keys and Doo-Wop with Deity


Dear Ask Angus,
Zack: I am a teenager (male) and new to the Craft, and Iā€™m wondering if its really true that I could turn someone into a toad. Can Witches do that?
Dear Zack: Turn you into a toad? No. But I could make you THINK that you were a toad. [Read more...]

AskAngus1: What’s on your Magickal Mind?


In old media terminology Ask Angus would have been called an ‘Advice Column’. But here, now, in the Post-Everything headlong meme-an-hour paradigm of New Media we are going to call this an ‘Advice Column’. ‘Cuz this is not my first time doing this. I’ve been around the rodeo several times, paid my dues draped over the apple barrel, and taken my turns as a turnbuckle. [Read more...]