AskAngus6: “Pagan girls” with knives, white fairies on dope.

Dear Ask Angus, Wasted Away Again in Watsonville: What about drugs in ritual? Dear Wasted, How about drugs in real life? Same difference. Drugs are the Preview Channel of Ecstasy. They can show you a glimpse of what is possible, but they are not a shortcut. Any drug abused will quickly become a one-man birthday party, wherein the only presents you get are the ones you bring yourself. Drawing Down the Moon as a fully Aware and unpolluted Being is... Read more

AskAngus5: When Rocks meet Mirrors

Dear Ask Angus, Spineless: I’m a witch and I mostly like all the other witches/pagans I’ve met so far, the problem is that very few of them like each other. I’m pretty sure that sooner or later they are all going to consider me a backstabbing meany for taking everyone’s side but I can’t help it. Sure everyone has their flaws, including me, but that doesn’t make them evil or stupid or wrong, just different from the person next to... Read more

AskAngus4: I have a Dream, about Jesus on a UFO

Dear Ask Angus, Briony: How do you know if your having or have had a “witch dream”? Being a person that rarely if ever remembers a dream, this is my quandary. I only remember my lucid dreams, very vivid and in color, etc. What makes a witch dream stand out? Dear Briony, Ooh! New term alert! I honestly had never heard of the term “Witch Dream” before. But that’s not too surprising. I rarely make any distinction between my religious life and... Read more

AskAngus3: Rich and Thin Gorgeous Twins For the Win!

Dear Ask Angus, Torn in Tucson: I have recently come in contact with a family headed by a woman who is a former witch, now Protestant, and denying any knowledge of her former practices. She and her husband are raising twins, now 13, who are intuitives and empaths, with a strong sense of Nature and energy. In short: Hereditaries. I have grown close to the twins, and am torn about revealing to them their pasts – and their possibilities. What should... Read more

AskAngus2: Toads, Keys and Doo-Wop with Deity

Dear Ask Angus, Zack: I am a teenager (male) and new to the Craft, and I’m wondering if its really true that I could turn someone into a toad. Can Witches do that? Dear Zack, Turn you into a toad? No. But I could make you think that you were a toad. But again, no; wouldn’t go there. Physical manifestations are indeed possible (even the Roman Catholic Church boasts “Transubstantiation”) but in general with big ticket items it is a case... Read more

AskAngus1: What’s on your Magickal Mind?

Well, hello there! Glad you could make it. Grab a corn fritter and pour yourself a tall glass of Strawberry Quik. Put your feet up; Set a Spell…….. This blog is all about interaction. You ask the questions, I provide the answers, you go away with +1 Fabulousness – and I eat up all the leftover corn fritters. In old media terminology Ask Angus would have been called an ‘Advice Column’. But here, now, in the Post-Everything headlong meme-an-hour paradigm of... Read more