Ask Angus #38: A Web of Indigenous Jolly Ranchers

Cubical workers score lower than people who work in SEWAGE. So the next time you grouse that your “job is shit” – consider that something to aim for! Read more

How I Found Paganism – When I Wasn’t Even Looking!

The door was opened by a beautiful woman with piercing green eyes, who was dressed in a black cloak. “I’m supposed to be here.” I heard myself say. Read more

Ask Angus #37: Witches Know Differently

June Bride: She had to get married because she got busy with her beau after the Beltane rite, and June was the first time she knew she was pregnant. Read more

Ask Angus #36: Latin Frog Spirits on Venus!

Is Genesis history, Sadhguru, What is wisdom, What is Taoism, What is magic, When Was Christianity Founded, Pagan rituals, Antichrist in the bible – these are just some of the topics that I could address in Ask Angus – IF I was interested in Trending Eyeball Grabbers. Read more

Ask Angus #35: Dancing with Depression

Face the narcissistic blunderbuss and his murder of mustache-twirling villains. Not a sprint through a cesspool then, but a marathon through Mordor. Read more

Ask Angus #34: Dreaming of Strangling your Angelic Mentor

If you are going to ask me what does it MEAN to dream about talking dogs, Christ, an ancient symbol in black paint on the living room wall, and being strangled by an androgynous child – well I am going to nod sagely “Ah, yes: A two-headed goat has been born in Peru.” Read more

Ask Angus #33: 3rd time’s the Wickerman!

Show your love: Pursue a skillset, a cause, an ideal, a body of work; whatever the Fates unfold for you, seize it as the adventure of a lifetime, for that is what Life should be; an adventure. Work on realizing your dreams. Become an interesting person of active accomplishment. Show a little light in your eyes. Read more

Pantheacon, 2015: Sunday

Pantheacons “2-6-1” rule is: 2 meals, 6 hours of sleep and 1 shower. I think it should stand for 2 showers a day, with 6 different people and 1 safe word. Read more

Pantheacon, 2015: Saturday

After Jason Mankey’s big triumph it was time to set about burying him in the awesomeness of my own. Read more

Pantheacon, 2015: Friday

The polyester-and-sensible-shoe crowd were oh so serious, oh so sensible, and oh so frowny as they reluctantly gazed upon the flowery, velvety, free-flowing, loudly laughing, amply bosomed, over-accessorized pagan floats that were now gliding happily past them. Read more

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