The Most Horrifying Current Terrorism Event You Don’t Know About


Friends, normally, I stick to relationship content. But I think everyone needs to be aware of a recent terror incident in Egypt.

Although the Manchester and London terrorist attacks were horrifying, and I’m grateful for the outpouring of support to those families and those cities, I paid far more attention to those incidents than one I also heard mentioned in the news. I never even sought out more information. The media never featured it. Yet it was far more personally brutal. Dozens of Christian men, women and children on a church field trip were stopped by terrorists in Egypt, called off their bus one by one, and brutally murdered in front of their family and friends because – one by one – they would not renounce Jesus.

We hardly heard about it.

We need to pray for those families, too. I cannot imagine the fear and the courage of those brothers and sisters in Christ –especially the parents who watched their brave children being killed. And vice versa.

It puts our light and momentary “persecutions” here in the US in stark perspective, that’s for sure. May all of us who follow Jesus have that same boldness in standing for Him. Not for an idea, a policy, an opinion, or a way of life – but for Jesus.

"You nail this topic so immensely well that it hurt just to read line-by-line, word-by-word."

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