Bashing Dads Needs To Stop And Here’s Why

A friend showed me this e-card and it made me steaming mad. For those who can’t see the image, it is a picture of an exhausted woman, with her hand over her eyes, and the caption, “You know that feeling of being able to sit down when you’re exhausted? Yeah, me either. I’m not a dad.”

Now I like quirky e-cards and memes as much as the next person. I find most gender humor quite hilarious. But something so overtly mean to one gender cannot be funny. After all, how would we women like it if the e-card said, “You know that feeling of being able to sit down when you’ve been mowing the lawn and trimming hedges in the summer heat all afternoon? Yeah, me either. I’m not a wife.” There would be a well-deserved uproar! Women would be calling for the head of whoever wrote it. And whoever was crass enough to share it—and laugh about it—on social media.

Yes of course, there are men who do no chores, who watch their wives struggling to do everything without bothering to help. There are men who, if their wife says “Honey, can you give the kids their bath?” or “Could you run and get milk from the store?” will look exasperated and elect to keep going with their very important gaming or internet activities. There are men who are lazy, or gaming addicts, or just don’t care that much.

But those men are rare.

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