How Enneagram Type 1 Informs The False Core Pattern

Find out the way your False Self Patten is informed by your Enneatype. This week’s post features Enneatype 1 [Read more…]

How Enneagram Type 9 Informs The False Core Pattern

This post continues the journey around the wheel of the Enneagram to discover how each type’s pattern informs one’s False Core Belief. Dismantling one’s False Core Belief and Pattern is the first step in the process of Unique Self Emergence. [Read more…]

What Enneagram Types can tell us about our False Core Patterns ( Enneatype 8)

The firs in a series of nine blogs that looks at the False Self Belief inherent in each Enneatype [Read more…]

Dismantling the False Core Pattern

Discovering one’s False Core Belief is the first step to the emergence of the Unique Self. One of the tools we use to discover this belief is the Enneagram, a system of nine distinct personality styles (or enneatypes) that lead to nine different paradigms or perspectives on life. What we find compelling in this model is that each of the nine types is marked by a particular pattern of thinking and feeling, a “cognitive-emotional habit” that is based on the motives behind a person’s priorities and preferences rather than on behavior itself. This habit deeply influences your original False Core Belief and therefore the feelings, thoughts and particular ways you hold your body and these, taken all together result in your False Self Pattern. [Read more…]

My New Year’s Wish for the World

In the chaos of this New Year I didn’t write the New Year’s Wish I had intended to post. Now after the events in Paris, the words of Mother Teresa  I planned to begin with ring in my ears . . . If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we [Read More…]

We Are Unique! The Message Is Everywhere, Why Aren’t We Living It?

Despite the prevalence of the message that we each are unique expressions of the Divine, few of us are living this realization fully. This post explores why. [Read more…]

Life After Loss

The story of losing my only sibling and beloved soul mate and how he continues to support me and my offering to the world from the “other side.”
[Read more…]

Our Life After Death, Really?

This post challenges Swedenborg’s version of life after death by discussing how deeply influenced we are by cultural contexts. it’s doubtful a Buddhist who traveled to the other side as Swedenborg claims to have done, would explain what awaits us in the same way! [Read more…]

What’s An Evolutionary?

  We are evolution become conscious of itself.       Julian Huxley Recently I read Carter Phipps new book, Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea. If you need a shot of hope, order it today, it’s well worth it. I’m a voracious reader and often suggest to my husband that [Read More…]

How Then Shall We Live?

I wrote in December about the radical experiential knowledge that we are not simply separate individuals but beings who are deeply connected to the timeless, eternal Reality that is called by many names. This is classical enlightenment. The story I used last time about waves and water illustrates the normal state before enlightenment or awakening [Read More…]