Last night I went to yoga for the first time in over a month. It wasn't a difficult practice, but after being sick for so many weeks it challenged my body. I still think of myself as an 'advanced beginner' or 'intermediate' level yoga practitioner - even now, after years away from a regular practice! Sessions like last night's are humbling, but also excellent opportunities to practice 'beginner's mind' and return to basics. What is the most basic thing of all? The breath.In between postures … [Read more...]

House Magic for Beginners – the post

There are many levels to magic. There's Big Magic: big in scope and aim and performance. It might, and might not, be the same as High Magic, usually referring to the kind of magic that involves complicated casting, symbols, words and lots of ritual/liturgy. There's folk or Low Magic, usually referring to the types of magic that many solitary practitioners use: lunar timing, herbs, oils, candles, charms, etc. There's Small Magic, where are aims are simpler. I think all of these kinds blur … [Read more...]


Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, a holiday centered around food, family both biological and chosen, and food (and shopping and football and Christmas, with a veneer of remembering our indigenous cultures, and more food). I am cynical and critical about many aspects of holiday celebrating in the US, but I'm thankful that we have a holiday centered around the idea of gratitude, even if just in name.Over here in Wales, we'll be celebrating by eating left over shepherd's pie and … [Read more...]

What is magic?

Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.This is one definition of magic, by Aleister Crowley, from his book, Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4. While I'm not a fan of Crowley, I do have respect for his daring and determination to push the boundaries of magic. Or magick, with a k, if you prefer. Which I don't. But I do agree with this statement on magic.Is it magic when I pick up my cup because I want a drink of water? Not really, even though it fits a … [Read more...]

House Magic for Beginners – prologue

Last week, during a peaceful moment involving watching the laundry blow dry on the line and drinking tea, I had a neat thought for a post. And then the power source for my computer died, I continued to struggle with a malingering virus, and my family prepped for a trip to London (a trip that never ended up happening). It wasn't my best week.A new week begins today and here I am feeling somewhat less than excited about writing for this blog. Why is that? In spite of the post to come (on house … [Read more...]

Checking in

This week my laptop power source died. Now that I have a replacement I am leaving for London for the weekend. I have two posts brewing and I hope to write those up next week. Have a great weekend everybody. … [Read more...]

Enough already!

At his preschool, my son made a poppy to wear for Remembrance Day, the British Equivalent of Veterans Day. He quite liked his poppy and made sure he was very careful with it. He wore his proudly in the middle of his shirt all day long. Until he asked why we wore poppies on this day.I'm not sure what the preschool told him. I explained that the poppy flower symbolized remembering and today we were remembering the dead that had fought in wars. I explained that while war was a terrible thing, … [Read more...]