Tomorrow marks one year of My Own Ashram. 126 posts, 4 quarters, 2 countries. I will be ‘concluding’ Place and writing a piece reflecting on my project and where I want to go from here. That’s tomorrow.

Today I will be out all day with my kids on a field trip with my son’s preschool. We’re going to NW Trek, a wildlife park containing all regional animals. I admit I’m super excited to see some animals. It doesn’t hurt that the weather is clear and sunny this morning.

May you be blessed on this Solstice (whether Winter or Summer, depending on your hemisphere). Feel the light and celebrate it!

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  • Elaine

    Niki, thanks for your blessings. It is a beautiful day here, unexpectedly! I was driving home late last night and there was still a light sky at 11.30pm, very beautiful. We haven’t experienced much summer or even spring weather yet, but today the warmth of the sun was lovely. I look forward to reading your further updates. For me, this solstice holds lots of change and letting go, am giving up my teaching in Narberth, I feel it is time to change and I am demotivated and tired, so let’s see what the turn of the year brings.

    I hope you enjoy the trip to the Trek, and that your children continue to give you joy. Love and hugs.