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It’s been a busy week in my house. Last week my husband sprained is ankle quite badly and has been off it for the last 7 days. I’ve been picking up the slack. Now that his ankle is much better, I am preparing to take myself and the kids to Juneau, Alaska, for a week. We leave at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning (up at 3am, on the road by 3.30, at Seatac by 4.30, flight leaves at 6.10am. The weeping you are likely to hear from the heavens is just me).

I have some posts I hope to finish for next week. However, I posted a piece about the decision process to have kids over at Pagan Families today. Adam and I have been talking about having a third child. I haven’t talked about it much here; it didn’t seem relevant to my blog as I had divided it up into the quarters. But now those restrictions are off. You can see some of my thought processes in the blog post.

While I was writing the post there was a chance I was pregnant. I am not. The relief Adam and I felt was a good indicator that we’re neither of us ready: financially, emotionally, physically. I want more time to settle into my body (it is new with each child, with each post partum process), this community, my relationships. I’m not ready for the baby to not be the baby. I’m not ready to rejig my entire routine again.

And so we’re going to revisit a third baby in the new year. I had decided that this year was a year of rest, nothing new. Funny, how I had forgotten that. I’ve been drawing tarot cards in the mornings, and for weeks I’ve been getting cards that can indicate pregnancy. I assumed that was the direction they were headed. Perhaps something else is waiting in the wings for me, growing, gestating. We shall see!


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