Maxim Monday: Choose What is Divine

With this Maxim I immediately want to know what the ancient Greeks considered divine! From what little I understand, ancient Greeks did not consider their gods omnipotent or omniscient. There is a very different understanding of divinity between ancient polytheistic beliefs and current monotheistic (particularly mainstream Christian) beliefs. But I’m going to leave the ancient Greek parsing of this Maxim to people who actually know something about ancient Greece.

I’ve been sitting here in front of my screen for the last 20 minutes asking myself, “What do I consider divine? What does it mean to me to ‘choose what is divine’?”

For me, tonight, choosing what is divine is choosing what is filled with or furthers Life Force and my triple Soul. What fosters connection among all my parts, the people around me, and the non-human entities with whom I interact? What promotes health and vibrancy and joy in me right now?

Right now, that means connecting with you, the reader. It means eating more of the celery sticks in front of me, because they taste good and I’m craving them (no, really). It means getting another big glass of water and kissing my kids on the way to the kitchen. (Hold on, I’ll be right back.) It means getting off my laptop once this post is written and snuggling with the kids, connecting with my family over dinner, and resting this evening. It’s been a busy weekend and I’m grateful my mother-in-law is cooking dinner tonight.

Other times choosing the divine means delaying breakfast to sit in front of my altar, to align myself, light some incense, and offer thanks and devotion. Choosing the divine means making sure I’m checking in with my parts, practicing excellent self-care, and reaching out to my gods and allies (both human and non-human allies). Sometimes choosing the divine is simple: just go outside and breathe deeply, raising my arms to the bright sun. Other times it’s challenging: setting aside time for ritual, or skills practice, or designing workings.

What does divine mean to you? Are you choosing what is divine?

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