Pagan Chat Time

Patheos Pagan editor, Christine Kraemer, has called upon her fellow bloggers to create more community through getting together – whether in person or via video technology. Pagan Tea Time is the result and February’s mission for many people here at Patheos Pagan.

Many bloggers have already been reaching out to one another with what appears to be great success. Unlike many comment threads, not one chat time has degenerated into a shouting match!

I, too, have jumped in to the tea pot. I’ve had three skype dates in the last week. One with Christine Kraemer herself, where we talked blogging, witchcraft community, and parenting; one with Henry Buchy, a frequent commenter here at Patheos; and one with Sara Amis, writer and blogger, with whom I also talked about witchcraft community and community in general.

Since I’ve met both Christine and Sara in person before, and had internet relationships with them long before I started writing at Patheos, the bigger risk for me was ‘meeting’ Henry. He comes across as a little short and terse in his comments. Never rude, mind you, but I haven’t always been sure how to take his tone. After speaking with him ‘face to face’ I now know how to hear his words. I enjoyed our conversation very much. The man has read everything. I actually took notes when he spoke. I also walked away feeling that I had a new ally in my own personal journey! How’s that for a tea-time win?

I felt with all three dates that an hour was too short! I could have chatted for several hours – if only the realities of my daily life could allow for it.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with a few fellow bloggers and old friends at this month’s Pantheacon in San Jose. If you are also attending, please don’t to hesitate to say hi. I’ll be the short, pregnant brunette waddling around.

If you’d like to schedule a video chat with me, please send me an email at

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  • eelsalad

    Wahoooo! It will be great to see you at PCon!

  • Henry’s pretty great! We had tea last week. He’s my kind of curmudgeon. : )

    • Right?! It was great. He was great. I’m loving this tea chat time.

    • Henry Buchy

      curmudgeon??? you whippersnapper you!! 😉

  • Henry Buchy

    thanks! it was awesome chatting with you!