Full Moon Kali Puja

What do Kali, elephants, and robots have in common? Me!I can't help but love the richness of my life.Saturday started with a 'robot party' for my son. It was his going away party. My husband made a cardboard box robot chassis for each of the kids, but only my son was interested. Instead of designing robots, the party was a huge play fest - noisy, messy and sugar fueled. Just the way a three-year old likes it.Straight after the party I met up with some friends and together we went to … [Read more...]

Looking ahead

When I first envisioned this project, this virtual ashram, I set up my order of traditions with a specific purpose in mind. I deliberately wanted Feri to overlap with Samhain, I wanted Christianity to overlap with Christmas and Lent, and I wanted Place to occur in the spring, when getting outside was more enticing. I was looking forward to Christianity because it is the one spiritual form that has 'easy' community. I have been involved in the local Church of Wales off and on as a singer, and in … [Read more...]

Wishbird update

Remember last week's post on making a quick spell for a home? It worked.I've been looking for rentals in Olympia online for about two months now, trying to get an idea of locations, styles, and prices. I figured I'd find a place once I landed as house hunting from a distance has many challenges. However, a few days after casting the spell my very good friend in Olympia emailed me with a listing for my 'dream house.' It had all of the things I was looking for - it even was in the Craftsman … [Read more...]

A Trinity of Sorts

The concept of the triple soul came up in the comments of an earlier post. I give much credit to my Hindu friend who asked me to explain this concept in greater detail. I've been avoiding writing about the topic or even mentioning the parts, mostly because it is such a distinct Feri concept and I wary of speaking about anything that is distinctly Feri in a public forum. But the idea of the triple, or multilayered, soul is not strictly a Feri idea. The big pieces of this concept seem to come from … [Read more...]

Book reviews

I have been reading a ton lately. I have a few recommendations and one to avoid.The first is Queen of the Night: The Celtic Moon Goddess in Our Lives by Sharynne MacLeod Nicmhacha. I thought this was an interesting book, well researched and good for those knowledgeable in the field, as well as novices, and suitable for Pagans or Celtophiles alike. The book is extensively footnoted and felt like something in between a master's thesis and a doctoral dissertation. Don't let that put you off! … [Read more...]


Last night I went to yoga for the first time in over a month. It wasn't a difficult practice, but after being sick for so many weeks it challenged my body. I still think of myself as an 'advanced beginner' or 'intermediate' level yoga practitioner - even now, after years away from a regular practice! Sessions like last night's are humbling, but also excellent opportunities to practice 'beginner's mind' and return to basics. What is the most basic thing of all? The breath.In between postures … [Read more...]

House Magic for Beginners – the post

There are many levels to magic. There's Big Magic: big in scope and aim and performance. It might, and might not, be the same as High Magic, usually referring to the kind of magic that involves complicated casting, symbols, words and lots of ritual/liturgy. There's folk or Low Magic, usually referring to the types of magic that many solitary practitioners use: lunar timing, herbs, oils, candles, charms, etc. There's Small Magic, where are aims are simpler. I think all of these kinds blur … [Read more...]