Perhaps: a post about the gods

Most witches and pagans are polytheists - or agnostic to greater or lesser extents. I've yet to meet anyone who calls hirself a pagan that is monotheistic, at least not in the way that anyone of the Abrahamic faiths would recognize. Plenty of people I know have patron deities or are henotheistic (honoring one god to the exclusion of the rest, yet acknowledging that other gods do exist). For a while I thought I tipped into the polytheistic non-dual (a description I first heard from T Thorn … [Read more...]

Review of ‘Welsh Witches and Wizards’ by Michael Howard

It is with regret that this review is so short, but there is not much to say about this book. Mr Howard is well-respected in British folklore, magical and pagan publishing circles. I admit I was expecting more from this book. It's mostly just a compilation of other sources. I learned a fair amount, mostly putting my existing knowledge of the history of witchcraft into a Welsh context. The book was enjoyable on one level for me, because many of the places mentioned are within a short driving … [Read more...]

For the love of tarot

I have had a love of tarot for well over a decade. In college I was fascinated by the mere idea, though no one I knew read it or knew anything about it. When I went off to grad school in Berkeley in my late 20s I finally bought myself a deck and started the slow process of learning about this intricate and beautiful art. Eight years on I'm still learning. I feel like I'm maybe, just maybe, no longer a beginner. Perhaps I'm at lower-intermediate level. I can do readings with some degree of … [Read more...]

So much to read, so little uninterrupted time

I feel the shift to the dark half of the year. It's still fully autumn here in west Wales, but the wind has been getting just a tad more chill and bite, the days grow shorter, rain is intermittent, flowers and mushrooms are rotting - winter is coming. I rather like the dark, though it can make the days feel a bit more rushed. There's so much to fit into the days before I hunker down in the evenings with my tea and my baby and my reading!There's a lot going on in my family right now. The … [Read more...]

Values, part 1

Pagans get a bad rap in the media. Nonconformists and anti-establishment, the lot of them. Witches are next down the list of potentially scary people, what with their non-Christian and generally pro-feminist attitudes. Within this subculture it seems Feri/Faery folk get more bad rap.* I've heard them described as amoral, anarchist, elitist, exclusionary, black magicians who practice a sex cult. Honestly? Those descriptions are mostly true and mostly cultivated by Feri/Faery folk themselves! I'm … [Read more...]


There are many stereotypes of pagan ritual: witches gathering in a coven to call down the moon, or cast some dark spell involving eye of newt and a big ol' cauldron; druids standing in groves chanting at trees; crazy bacchanalian rites involving too many candles, too much wine, and too little clothing, etc. All of those are about right, for some people. Friday night I did some ritual solitary-style. Here's what went down. (Psst, it's not very sensational.)I decided to cast a circle and do … [Read more...]

What about the children?

With witchcraft's negative reputation this is not an uncommon worry. Anyone who knows anything about paganism will know this is an unfounded concern. For me, though, as a mother of two small children, I do wonder about the children. After a quarter spent with Hinduism and seeing how bright, colorful and easy it was for my 3-year-old to find an 'in' I wonder where the 'in' is in Feri. So far my son has questioned me about what's on the altar and he's taken the conkers and thrown them outside. He … [Read more...]