Why should Muslim Americans vote for President Obama? 10 reasons to get out the #MuslimVOTE

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Let’s recap. President Obama has banned torture and tried to close Gitmo; he is committed to the two-state solution; engaged the Muslim World; showed strength in Libya and restraint in Iran; encouraged the Arab Spring; ended the war in Iraq and Afghanistan; defended the Muslim American community against Islamophobia; included Muslim Americans in his government; and has a record of success in leading America Forward on all the domestic issues that matter to Americans, Muslim or non-Muslim alike.

That’s the President’s record, and while there are issues with him on which we disagree, or remain disappointed in, we can’t ignore the fact that this list would have been very different under President McCain. The question is, who can we trust for the next four years? Which candidate – Romney or Obama – is more likely to make decisions like these?

We don’t know what lies ahead for our community, our nation, our Ummah, or our world. What wars or terrorism or economic crises lay in store? But when they do, only Obama has a record of success.

What about the other choice? Romney embraces Islamophobic advisors and surrounds himself with neocon architects of the Iraq War from the Bush Administration. Meanwhile, the third party candidates (Stein of the Greens, Johnson of the Libertarians) have no record of support for Muslim issues at all, and were skeptical of the Libya intervention.

We didn’t get everything we wanted with Obama, but we got more than we expected. For the next four years, Obama is the only choice for the Muslim community who will avoid wars, denounce Islamophobia, and treat the Ummah with respect. Obama is the only candidate who listens to our community, who has affirmed our right to be part of America, who sees a future in which the Muslim world is not an adversary but an ally.

Support President Obama for President. Vote tomorrow for Barack Obama. You can lookup your polling location here: https://www.barackobama.com/lookup

This article is part of the “Election 2012 – American Muslims VOTE!” series, which is running on Altmuslim at Patheos, Altmuslimah, Illume, and Aziz Poonawalla’s news and politics blog on Patheos. Click on this special topics page to view all articles in this series and add your comments. Tweet your thoughts on this article, on the series, and on the 2012 elections using the hashtag #MuslimVOTE.

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