“The swing voter is not red to blue. The swing voter is non voter to voter. That’s our swing voter.” — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, at Netroots Nation “The swing voter is not red to blue. The swing voter is non voter to voter. That’s our swing voter.” – @Ocasio2018 pic.twitter.com/z3XyJ5GUdd— Hamilton Nolan (@hamiltonnolan) August 5, 2018 Read more

In an attempt to discredit Medicare for All, a libertarian think-tank analyst (who was part of the Bush Administrations aborted attempt at privatizing Social Security right before the economy melted down) ended up actually making the case for it instead. The LAT Business section summarizes: Taken all together, national health expenditures would total $57.6 trillion through 2031. They’re currently projected to be $59.7 trillion. In other words, Medicare for All would reduce total U.S. spending on healthcare by 3.44%. …… Read more

Five male justices appointed by two white male presidents are going to outlaw abortion in America, three women are going to dissent, and we will all be in hell.— Emmy Bengtson (@EmmyA2) July 10, 2018 and both those presidents did not win the popular vote. Read more

Elections have consequences. Case in point: today, Donald Trump is likely to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court who is very likely to cast the deciding vote which overturns Roe vs Wade. This article from The Atlantic is a good example of the “conservatives are hypocrites” genre which as usual fails to understand that its all about abortion: It is perhaps an open question whether Trump’s candidacy represents a true change in evangelicals’ DNA or whether it simply revealed… Read more

Excellent op-ed in the LA Times about what Jefferson’s famous phrase means in the modern era: Do we believe that Jefferson’s felicitous phrase now, in 2018, has economic implications? Does the self-evident right to pursue happiness entail the right to a living wage? Or affordable healthcare? Does the decline of the middle class mean that our collective happiness as a people is at risk? I think that answering yes to these questions is part of what it means to seek… Read more

“As a result, proposals that solely benefit minorities and dissect Americans into “us” and “them” may generate a few short-term concessions when the costs to whites aren’t too high, but they can’t serve as the basis for the kinds of sustained, broad-based political coalitions need to transform America. On the other hand, universal appeals around strategies that help all Americans (schools that teach, jobs that pay, health care for everyone who needs it, a government that helps out after a… Read more

Earlier, I wrote about the potential purple majority – the 41% of eligible voters who chose to sat out the election, which allowed the 2016 election to be a measurement of noise, not signal. That would still be a true statement had Hillary Clinton won. That is, fundamentally, a policy argument – the two parties do not offer anything to the Purple voters to persuade them to participate. However, there is also a structural problem in the way our democracy… Read more

The House just passed a budget resolution that does two astonishing things: first, it changes reconciliation rules to only require a simple majority instead of the 60-vote threshold in the Senate to overcome a filibuster. Second, it formally states the GOP intention to repeal the state and local tax deduction (SALT) on income taxes. Big news – Budget just passed!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 26, 2017 SALT is unequivocally a middle-class tax benefit: The study, conducted by the Government… Read more

The one positive thing about the Harvey Weinstein tragic farce is that it has empowered women to speak up. Like anyone else with functional moral values, I am humbled and angered by the flood of #MeToo posts on my Facebook feed, that starkly demonstrated just how pervasive is this sickness in our society and civilization. This isn’t a problem for women to solve – it requires men to also step up. “Well, I haven’t ever sexually abused anyone” is a… Read more

Senator McCain came in for a lot of criticism in liberal circles the past few days, because he cast a procedural vote to allow the vote for Obamacare repeal to proceed, even as he said he would not support the bill. This was interpreted as hypocrisy because right now, partisan passion is inflamed to the point of erasing benefit of the doubt. So let us extend credit where it is due – John McCain came through – and by voting… Read more

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