a few words about drones #MuslimVOTE

I have received many negative comments for my support of Barack Obama, mostly along the lines of, "how can you support Obama and ignore the Muslim blood on his hands due to drones?" Let me address this.Barack Obama has indeed increased the use of drone warfare in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the four years of his presidency - far more than did George W. Bush. These drone attacks have systematically decimated the leadership of Al Qaeda, but have also carried a high cost of collateral … [Read more...]

2012 Election prediction: Obama 303 to Romney 235

My prediction for 2012: Obama 303, Romney 235

My prediction for the election tomorrow is pretty straightforward - I'm using Nate Silver's model for state-by-state probabilities and assigning each state to each candidate accordingly.With respect to Wisconsin, I do believe that Wisconsin will come through for Obama, because Scott Walker won the recall. Not as a protest, but because this truly is a swing state, where 17% of Obama's supporters in 2008 voted for Walker this year. You have to live in Wisconsin to understand why that's … [Read more...]

Why should Muslim Americans vote for President Obama? 10 reasons to get out the #MuslimVOTE

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Let's recap. President Obama has banned torture and tried to close Gitmo; he is committed to the two-state solution; engaged the Muslim World; showed strength in Libya and restraint in Iran; encouraged the Arab Spring; ended the war in Iraq and Afghanistan; defended the Muslim American community against Islamophobia; included Muslim Americans in his government; and has a record of success in leading America Forward on all the domestic issues that matter to Americans, Muslim or non-Muslim alike. … [Read more...]

537 votes are more important than 538 electoral votes


Only two more days until the election is over.Last night (Saturday) I got three phone calls from various voter surveys and GOTV operations - and all were after 8pm. Plus, my inbox looks like this:Not to mention it's impossible to watch anything on Hulu without suffering through campaign and superpac ads.But it's important we not succumb to election fatigue. This election is no more important than any other - which is to say, it's critically important. All elections matter, … [Read more...]

a Muslim American meets Paul Ryan

Last week, I met Paul Ryan at an apple farm.I was attending a kids' birthday party with my family at the Apple Holler farm in Sturtevant WI when Representative Ryan stopped by with his entourage for a visit and photo-op. Though the majority of the folks didn't really seem to take notice, there were plenty of people interested in seeing Ryan and shaking his hand, getting a photo, etc. So, I decided I'd do the same.All of the folk at the birthday party were Muslim Americans like myself, … [Read more...]

Decoupling religious identity: A Muslim Response to Brian McLaren


This post is part of an inter-faith discussion on Brian McLaren's new book Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road?, hosted at the Patheos Book Club.Brian McLaren is an evangelical Christian pastor with a deep interest in interfaith outreach and dialogue. This book is probably the culmination of his life's work in that regard, and in it he seeks to build a foundation on which Christians can effectively communicate with other faiths. The target audience for this book are … [Read more...]

transcript: President Obama’s remarks on 11th anniversary of 9-11

TIME Magazine cover after Osama bin Laden's death (also see: The 5 stages of Muslim-American emotion over bin Laden's death)

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the attacks on September 11th. I've written about my personal feelings towards the anniversary at City of Brass; here is the complete transcript of President Obama's remarks during the Weekly Presidential Address today.This week, we mark the eleventh anniversary of the September 11th attacks. It’s a time to remember the nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children we lost, and the families they left behind. It’s a chance to honor the courage of the fir … [Read more...]

Presidential religion

The Redeemer? Conservative evangelicals have more in common with this man than they do with either man on the Republican ticket

This tweet by Blake Hounshell deserves highlighting:So, despite the conspiracy theories, Obama is the only Protestant in the race.— Blake Hounshell (@blakehounshell) August 11, 2012Note, fully one-third of conservative Republicans believe Barack Obama is Muslim, up from 16% in 2008. … [Read more...]

A Muslim for Obama

Muslims for Obama

I have long argued that as muslims, we must avoid allowing ourselves to declare an allegiance in politics. The Democrats have never seen Muslims as anything other than yet another swing vote to be courted when convenient, and in the case of the Dubai Ports World affair actively fearmongered against the specter of Islam for political gain. There is also an antipathy towards spiritualism and faith among the activists of the left with which a devout muslim can never fully reconcile.However, The … [Read more...]

government and moral authority: “Of, By, and For”

The rhetoric of the past 30 years of the Conservative Era has led to a profound cynicism about the role of Government as an entity for the common good. The very concept of "Of the People, By the People, For the People" has been replaced with "get off my lawn". The irony is that this modern conservative mantra of hatred against "big" government (even though government is the smallest it has ever been, and Democrat Administration preside over larger cuts to the size of Government than do … [Read more...]