Didn’t Have A Plan But Turned Out To Be Catholics in the Military

Ladies, Gentlemen,

It is two in the freaking morning and I am exhausted, but can’t sleep. Never fun. I cannot possibly think of an organized post right now, so fasten your seat-belts, we are going to delve into my sub-concious, ADD-fueled thoughts.

1. About 20-25% of Americans are Catholic. Not enough, but no small number. Biggest denomination anyways, so take that! BUT 45-50% of the U.S Military is Catholic, a number clearly disproportionate to the population. What are we to take from this? Quite simply, Catholics are disproportionately more badass in relation to the population. I always suspected as much.

2. In relation to the first point, I have thought up why Catholics make such stellar soldiers, and thus begins my list within a list:

1. Little to no fear of death. This helps a lot.

2. The rather insane idea that suffering can be offered up for the good of the world. Others cry, Catholics get shot in the chest and say “Sweet! Now I can do reparation!”

3. Long and illustrious military history. Our ancestors were knights.

4. Strong sense of justice. No moral relativism here folks, the innocent helpless need protecting.

5. Already part of the Church Militant, might as well be part of the U.S Military. Interestingly enough I’ve heard a from a few characters that a Catholic cannot in good conscience be in the military, and thus begins my list within a list within a list:

  • A lady at the March for Life who had a sign declaring all soldiers murderers. “Killers.” I said, approaching her with a warm smile. She was confused. “Killers, not murderers.” I continued, “Well-trained killers.” She was not amused by my semantic distinctions. But I held, and still hold, that the distinction is important. Killing innocent life is never justified; it is murder. Killing to protect innocent life is never murder, just a terrible and necessary right, a right God has made clear throughout the Bible and the Catechism.

  •  A priest – an otherwise genial man – who, whenever a prayer is offered aloud for the protection of the U.S Military men and women, says “and for all those affected by their war-making, let us pray to the Lord.” “Lord hear our prayer” we mumble awkwardly, while I plea “Lord hear someone else’s prayers, this guy’s is straight up ridiculous.” The Vatican makes very, very clear that Catholics can be soldiers in good conscious.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out:

 All citizens and all governments are obliged to work for the avoidance of war. Despite this admonition of the Church, it sometimes becomes necessary to use force to obtain the end of justice. This is the right, and the duty, of those who have responsibilities for others, such as civil leaders and police forces. While individuals may renounce all violence those who must preserve justice may not do so, though it should be the last resort, “once all peace efforts have failed.” (CCC 2307-17)

3. Moving on. The love of God is awesome. There is nowhere I can escape it. I was in adoration and I was delighted with my God. He was there and I was in love, gazing at him with an attention that could only have come from Him. Then it hit me that God gazes back at me, with all the same emotions and thoughts, only infinitely more. He delights in me, He looks at me and says “Wow!” He gazes at me in a rapt attention I could never match. Then I cry, because what a God we have that is enraptured with creatures miserable as ourselves. If there’s one thing to take away form this entire blog, it’s this. God loves us, and we don’t deserve a bit of it.

4. Good night, good people.

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