I am happy to announce the first guest post on BadCatholic, hopefully it will inspire many more! This is from a good friend and amazing woman, who has some wisdom to rock your minds with. Without further ado then:

Dear men, give your lady friend a gift.
Not only will the mystery be solved (she loves me, she loves me not…acceptance, denial…) and your passions exposed, but you are connecting to an earthly being who naturally knows so much about you. I can only warn you that a woman’s heart is a tricky one. Be prepared for the unexpected.

I cannot agree enough on how important it is for men to inflame the world. After reading “Testosterone” I almost wanted to be a man, to fill the fields with passion. That is, until I remembered I am a woman, the one earthly being that can deeply influence the heart and mind of a man. As told in Genesis, women were created second by God, second to men. Some women find this ordering offensive, or feel (as they are the ones with mind mending/bending beauty) that they must be first in command, or at least at equal level with men. But we are created in God’s own image, created as analogies of His purest truths. Men and Women are created to be different.

If there were only men on this earth, the world would be chaos: men always fighting for the top, to be taken down again and again with no earthly success, their brilliant fires never settled by a woman’s beautiful touch. If it were only women walking the earth…I admit, the world would just as undoubtedly persist in chaos: women bearing around their water buckets and pails with no fire to smother, becoming more frustrated and furious, never relieved or complimented. If women were without men, their hearts could never be satisfied.

For the existence of the human race, men and women will always coexist. Logically…duh. We also each have obvious differences. Obvious differences physically, in mental approach, and in verbal communication. Some relationship studies of men and women have revealed women to be more emotionally inclined than men (note: not instability nor oversensitivity). Opposites attract, and differences yield grander theories and relationships.

However veiled or gaping a woman’s reaction appears, all women possess some form of response to a man’s offering. Some wear their emotions “on their sleeves” as vibrant blooms. Some can hide all emotion out of reluctance or controlled character. And some women can hold their water buckets for years until they drench a smoldering friend. Women are a mystery, a WONDER to men. Women are locked doors that need opened, mended, and answered. Some men spend years picking a lock to find nothing still, an occasional fluorescent flower, a broken rose bush, a divine garden, or even dandelions!!! But only a key can open a door harmlessly.

A woman’s revelation of her God given LOVE is such a fragile thing, and needs the protection of men. This is what women must accept.

I am as of yet unmarried and have not experienced the realities of a man and wife bound my holy matrimony. The only basis for my ideas is what I have discovered of myself, oh dear me…(sappy)…womanhood. I can only humbly express the ideas of thoughts that have already been thought, not of those to come.

And thus there are the ideal forms of earthly men and women of God:
A man who is openly willing to fight justly to keep safe the woman he adores.
A woman who is openly willing to trust a man’s protection by unlocking her heart’s gate.

Adam did, after all, provide Eve with his rib, man’s first gift to woman!!!

“It wasn’t the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast” Carl Denham (King Kong).

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