As Promised!

The rules video for a retreat my friends and I are running. Unprofessional and ridiculous, it might be the best thing ever:

YouTube Preview Image

Also, I plan on releasing a series of, er, sermons by Spaniel Biter on this blog, so look out for them.

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  • The Ranter

    Awesome. Made on a Mac?

  • Marc

    yes, imovie leaves it's mark.

  • Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude

    Kick, some, @$$, dude. Encore! Encore! Encore!!! Tell me what's wrong with today's Catholix, k? Today, as I was cycling by a Catholic High School called Hayden, carrying my literal Holy Cross (about 3'14" I carry on our backpack – HUGE so people will see it), I'd inscribed on it 'Jesus freeek' – I've had it for several years. So, howcome nobody ever stops and wishes us well? Why do they always hide behind their mirrors as if they wanna stop, but THAT'S tooooo much trouble, preferring to focus on the whorizontal, judmental world. I feel like Saul/Paul: everybody hated him cuz he didn't live-up to their expectations of murdering those damn Christians. Egad! Arrrgh! Yikes! Read my nine blogs and tok2me, pal…

  • J. Chase

    Not to be a harsh critic, but did you know that after the first scene you said "grower closer to God." It may, in fact be exactly what you wanted to say, but just in case I thought I would point it out in case it was an easy fix.

  • Marc

    haha J. no, i've been noticing that. gosh i'm dyslexic. but i don't feel like changing it and uploading it again, so I'm afraid grower will have to become an integral part of the English language now. Sorry everyone.

  • Marc

    @ KadavarNine? Goodness, and I thought one was hard! Will do brother!

  • J. Chase

    So Marc, random question regarding your video. I have a retreat coming up in two weeks and I was wondering if you would mind if I used it, grower and all.

  • Marc

    haha, of course not. If you'd like I can fix the grower for ya.