If This Is How We Lose….

Hello friends, enemies and those passing through with mild indifference and/or interest! I marched for life yesterday!

Actually scratch that, I bus-rode for life, went to mass for life, rocked out with Matt Maher for life, got up really unbelievably freaking early and drank a lot of coffee for life, rocked out to some Ike for life, went to mass AGAIN for life, then marched for life, which can really only be accurately described as partying while moving slowly for life.

I was one of the crazy people at the front, letting my true Jew come out.

Heres’s what I know. We are many, and we are young. This ain’t your grandma’s march, this is your teenager’s, and that should be fine for both grandmothers and teenagers. We aren’t the sour, embittered prunes of the 60′s that manage to define the pro-choice image, we are young blood. And even better than that, we are joyful blood. I passed drummers and guitar players, nuns young enough to be my sister and priests cool enough to be Men in Black, middle-school girls making pro-life parodies of popular songs, monks chanting Ave Maria’s through their most holy and excellent beards, college students dancing with the homeless, city kids and people from as far away as Texas and Alaska. I saw bagpipes and babies and just about every college worth calling a college represented. I saw over 200 priests consecrate the Eucharist (making the bread VERY Jesus) and even more seminarians watch and wish. I heard a message from Pope Benedict, my holy father and best friend, from the lips of his cardinal ambassador to the United States, telling me that he was proud of me and the whole crew of 30,000 caffeinated high-schoolers that were up to hear. It was fantastic to the highest degree.

This won the prize for most hilarious new
pro-life movement. Go here!

And here’s what I thought. (Because it wouldn’t really be a post without a thought, now would it?) If this is how we lose, imagine how we’ll win! The march is – for all practical purposes – a remembrance of a defeat. We lost Roe v. Wade, and yet we come with laughter, with smiles, with fun, and with hope. Such hope! Hope in our own humanity, our own dignity, hope in our country, hope in our world. A hope that will smash down walls surrounding human hearts, and release a torrent of compassion and love on the world. Hope that will wake and shake the oldest of human desires; to live and protect life. Hope that will conquer evil in it’s very dwelling place. Gosh, this all sounds like something. Never has anyone been so victorious in defeat. And here’s the beautiful thing; only when you can maintain joy in defeat can you ever be worthy of winning. The abortionists won, but there is nothing but decrepit, boring hatred in their victory.

Hear the words of Our Lady written in G.K Chesterton’s epic, The Ballad of the White Horse. Hear them with reverence, because if this poem was not inspired, I’m not a Catholic. She speaks to a king without a land, a king broken by many defeats against pagan armies.

“The men of the East may spell the stars,
And times and triumphs mark,
But the men signed of the cross of Christ
Go gaily in the dark.
“The men of the East may search the scrolls
For sure fates and fame,
But the men that drink the blood of God
Go singing to their shame.
“The wise men know what wicked things
Are written on the sky,
They trim sad lamps, they touch sad strings,
Hearing the heavy purple wings,
Where the forgotten seraph kings
Still plot how God shall die.
“The wise men know all evil things
Under the twisted trees,
Where the perverse in pleasure pine
And men are weary of green wine
And sick of crimson seas.
“But you and all the kind of Christ
Are ignorant and brave,
And you have wars you hardly win
And souls you hardly save.
“I tell you naught for your comfort,
Yea, naught for your desire,
Save that the sky grows darker yet
And the sea rises higher.
“Night shall be thrice night over you,
And heaven an iron cope.
Do you have joy without a cause,
Yea, faith without a hope?”
When re-reading to put this up for you, the third stanza before the end made me weep. Stupid, stupid, I’m such a sucker. Not in sadness, of course, but in being hit with truth, for if there’s anything that it really means to be a bad Catholic, it’s that stanza. Anyways. We have joy without reason, and – though I don’t want to spoil any end for you – that perseverance will be rewarded very soon. This I do believe, for our cause is so very just. Be proud of your Church, dear Roman Catholics. We are at the forefront of every movement worth calling a movement, from slavery to now. You have a Church that loses well, and is defeated joyfully…until it wins. And then all heaven breaks loose.


Much love! And much more to come! A video, specifically!


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  • http://vitaconsecrata.wordpress.com/ vitaconsecrata

    I was able to attend the march last year…it was one of the most powerful experiences that I've ever been through. Sadly, finances didn't allow for me to be able to attend this year, but I did watch it on tv. I'm truly amazed by the amount of people who are standing up to the right of life. It makes me extremely proud to belong to a religion which holds life sacred!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01658116461483425280 Brandon Vogt

    I love this post, man. Joy is the surest sign that Christ is alive in us, and you paint this joy so beautifully.Abortion advocates shouldn't beware the ides of March, but beware the Joy of the Marchers.(And I'm slowly becoming addicted to your writing:http://www.thinveil.net/2011/01/if-this-is-how-we-lose-imagine-how-well.html)

  • http://geeklady.wordpress.com/ geeklady

    Every time you write something, I'm amazed anew that you're still just a teenager.(That was meant to be a compliment, but I'm worried after reading it that it doesn't sound like it. But I teach HS CCE, and they just sit there and stare mutely at me, when they pay attention at all. So it really is a compliment.)But your phrase "Never has anyone been so victorious in defeat" rang some old quote bells, and so I have a book recommendation for you: That Strange Divine Sea, by Christopher Derrick. If you can't find a copy, I've ended up with two in my library and will loan it to you. But I think you would like it.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06497593765013433443 Katie

    Love is the biggest difference between us and them. We are full of it, and they are in desperate need of it. So glad you were able to be there, I hope to go next year :)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12679230722483582032 Marc

    @ geekladyyou credit my amateur writing too much, but i thank you nonetheless, and praise God for your kind words. i'll see if i can get my hands on that book.@ BrandonThanks so much for the support. And I to your's, sir.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15396201693030286919 Manny

    "If this is how we lose, imagine how we'll win!…" That was absolutely fabulous. That is the quote of the year. I saw it at Happy Catholic and decided to stop by. Nice blog. Many blessings to you.

  • http://aryana33.livejournal.com/ aryana33

    You are my new favorite blog. I couldn't believe you're only 18. I love your orthodoxy (God give us more orthodox Catholics!) and your humor. Keep rocking Catholicism! I joined the Catholics through RCIA when I was 17 and then wandered off. I spent 10 years as a Protestant and just recently came home. I can't tell you how much joy there is!! I LOVE the Eucharist and go to Mass every day. I feel like it's my lifeblood. Which I guess it is. I love Confession – it's SO DIFFERENT than just 'praying to God' like I used to do. Not that I dislike the Protestants, but there's reality here – and I pray that you and the others who read here won't have to go into the desert for 10 years to appreciate the beauty of the Church. :-)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05185433444648099531 beez

    Thanks for this, especially the poem. I left the church in my teens, I came back at 40, will be ordained at 47. If you were at that prayer rally with Matt on Sunday night, then you and I were under the same roof, praying to the same God and knowing that, whether we see the victory personally or not, the victory is his and the victory will come.God bless and keep up the good work.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07926130414966842349 Lisa

    Like you, when reading the poem, the third stanza to the last made me weep, too. You're not a sucker, you are passionate and raw and true. Keep marching (or more accurately describing the March for Life, shuffling) along with truth. You've inspired me to do the same.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04444704944288002925 The Ranter

    Marc – just wanted to say that this post makes me wanna yell, "Hell yah!"

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03925404067634150968 Therese Z

    Man, that's some writin'! Thanks for the word picture of the march!

  • Sonia

    Awesome! That link to the ents attacking isengard made me crack up and break out a huge smile. The joy you have infused into this post is wonderfully catching :)

  • Lauren Rose

    This is amazing. I’m pretty sure I share every one of your posts to all my Facebook friends. You have quite a gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world! It’s so great to see fellow young Catholics who are on fire for their faith. It makes me feel less alone, and it’s so empowering to witness a peer who loves the Catholic faith as much as I do!

    Keep it up, Marc! : )

  • GKCgirl

    Oh My Gosh!!!! I was there!!!!! Thanks for speaking about this amazing experience

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KDQFQTMD56CJAKMLXRFYUDNCPQ Montague

    There are men of the east who saw in the stars the message of hope; the Birth of the King. And remember that we live by a sure Hope – the Saints and Martyrs died with Heaven in their eyes – we mustn’t always think only of the slow retreat of Christendom or the hopelessness of Men, because we are servants of God.

    As a side note, what a beautiful sight the tide coming in on “Dover Beach” will be!

    This all aside I love the whole poem and tragedy and Tolkien and riding on the edge of midnight, because always the stars proclaim the Glory of God – and Hope that is never groundless.

    end ramble.

  • Nemo

    I know I’m only a mere 15 months late. No big deal. But I just wanted to mention that I just so happened to be on the steps rocking out to Matt Maher last year (the only thing that could be cooler is if Audrey Assad was there….oh wait! That happened this January! It was epic.) ….andddd I was also at the verizon center (where there’s always without a doubt a full house. Catholics win again) with Ike and the crew. Pretty cool coincidences my friend