Pro Freaking Life

“When the revolution happens you won’t read about it in the newspapers.” It is a sad state of affairs, when battles fierce and important are politicized into meaningless drivel. The best way to ruin a good fight is to let the media lock it into a stalemate, and to publicize the whole situation as a social phenomena – an example of differing views. From the level of discussion the media grants the abortion debate, you’d think we were arguing over a tax break. The revolution is happening, of this you can be sure, but you won’t read about in the newspapers.

Let’s – for the moment, for an instant – unplug from the pro-life/pro-choice debate, let’s take a step back from all the various factors and intricacies involved; let’s be honest for a moment. There are two sides. One supports the killing of infants. The other doesn’t. Sure, both sides might appear on television in a stirring example of the American virtues of free-speech, tolerance, pluralism and media fairness. But one of them supports the killing of infants. The other does not. Sure, there are all sorts of factors involved; poverty and health and the urgent need to have sex without consequences. But, and I don’t know if I mentioned this, one side supports killing infants, the other does not. You see, when we let an evil like abortion become a buzz-word, an political issue, a voting factor, a demographic, we are replacing the evil itself with it’s effects, and thus are losing the sense of battle. It’s not that these things aren’t important, it’s that they are unplugged. If you can actually watch a baby being killed and tell yourself, “Well gosh, this is a pretty politically polarizing issue that is very much wrapped up in the state of the economy” then sure, clog up the news stations with that garbage. But if you couldn’t, then let’s be honest to ourselves. This is as black and white as it gets.

And that’s a good thing my friends! Life is full of hidden battles, full of times where we are called to be quietly humble instead of noble, full of times to silently fight demons. If you’re anything like me, that stuff is hard. What I really want to do is grab a sword and start a Crusade to establish the next Christendom. Just sayin. The killing of infants is a time where we are called to fight back, to physically rebel against the culture of death. To fight in speech, to fight in protest, to fight in writing, to fight with fists if necessary. There is evil, and we are good, and they will make a kick ass movie about us when we win.

Dang, it feels good to be on the right side. We are the abolitionists, the crusaders, the William Wallaces, the revolutionary fathers. When what you are fighting against is a culture that thinks it’s O.K to kill babies, you cannot ever be romanticized too much. I wish “pro-choice” folk would honestly look at the ideology they preach. How on earth can you advocate the killing of infants – no matter how many justifications you use – and think that you are the heroes of the story? That you are Frodo and not Sauron? I love the pro-life movement because it is so clearly heroic.

Not this.

Almost as good as being on the right side is being on the winning side. Which  we are. The pro-life movement is the majority. Ha! Win! The revolution has happened, not in the papers, but in the hearts of man. Now it’s just a matter of burning the news conglomerates, hanging the politicians, arresting the abortionists, and saving the children. Easy. I’ll see you at The March.

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