The Tide Is Turning

Make sure to comment, like, and rate up supportive comments. Unfortunately, we gotta play that Internet game. I know the national director of Students For Life, he’s a fantastic, driven and holy individual. We prayed a rosary together and I was blown away by his prayer. Please support him and this entire movement’s mission.

Fury and Catholicity
The Difference Between a Martyr and a Victim
Insulting ISIS
Worms, foul-smelling liquids, and filthy shreds of cloth
  • egosumbarb

    It's game time! Positive support for this video to come…as well as science-backed, mature, and respectul rebuttals for the "prochoice" crowd (who I am sure are all over this thing)…once this biochemistry exam is out of the way.

  • egosumbarb

    Which reminds me to get off the blogs and back to the books!

  • beez

    Just as good people, emboldened by faith in a God who does not sit on the sidelines, were able to consign slavery to the ash heap of American history, so good people, young and old, will do the same for abortion. Because both are offenses against the dignity of human beings, made in the image of God.Unfortunately for the culture of death, reason and science, more and more, come down on the side of life.

  • Abortion Abolitionist

    The national/executive director of SFLA is Kristan Hawkins. I'm not sure who the "he" you're referring to is…But thanks for promoting our video!

  • Marc

    Ah, sorry, I know the president.

  • Jennifer Samountry

    Wonderful to see all these young people willing to stand up against abortion. Praise God!