…those who know me know that, in all humility, I do love myself. Quite frankly, I can think of no better day spent than one spent with Marc Barnes. And I can think of no video I’d rather watch than one made by Marc Barnes. But there comes a time in a man’s life when he watches a competing video in a scholarship competition and simply has to say it; “I hope this one beats me.” It’s that good.

  • Joseph K @ Defend Us In Battle

    Wow.Sorry, Marc. 2nd place isn't that bad, I hear silver is doing quite well in the markets right now.Tears to my eyes.

  • The Ranter

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  • Katie

    Love it!

  • Subvet


  • MaryH

    I agree completely. Her video is stunning.

  • Mel.Rose

    Hey Marc!My sister just told me that you blogged our vid and prompted me to check it out. Not only was I delighted to find out that you were the creator of the competing video that has me sweating the most, but I became an instant fan of your witty blog. So thanks a bunch for posting this and thanks for spreading the word…the Good Word that is.Melinda Rose(The Get Clean girl)