FUS, Represent!

Gotta love my school. Franciscan Students For Life getting a pro-life flash mob on in Pittsburgh:

YouTube Preview Image

Fear joyful movements.

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  • http://sociallysacred.blogspot.com David

    I love these balloon flashmobs! always much more vibrant, excited and positive than any pro-’choice’ rally I have ever heard of.

  • Kmkare

    Compare the joy of this group with the pouty, dreary filth of the OWS groups. Go FUS and God bless them!!

  • Gailallenmills

    What a delight to see beautiful, fresh, clean living looking young people, full of God’s joy and prepared to witness to the unborn babies and their sorrowful plight when their mums allow them to be destroyed.
    We have our 500 crosses walk in Westminster London on Saturday. Pray for us.
    God Bless you and your great blog.

  • Annette Heidmann

    Thanks for sharing the joy!

  • Agnes

    I help with the Michigan branch of this group. :) They’re amazing.