Abortion Won’t Die…

Abortion Won’t Die… July 22, 2011

…unless artificial contraception dies with it.

(As you may know, I’m being convicted of this fact as I run around with my camera, filming a people whose goal it is to rid the world of the various nuisances that get between husbands and wives in their attempts to make love. This includes condoms, chemicals, cement walls, the 24 hour news cycle, etc. etc.)

It’s simple really. Telling someone to use contraception but not to have an abortion is like telling them “Do whatever you can not to have a child, but don’t kill a child.” Now, I’m not saying that’s entirely impossible logic to follow, but can’t you see how having the original goal of artificially preventing a child from existing leads – especially in our morally bankrupt age – to the consideration of the immoral destruction of a child to achieve that goal?

Why, you ask? Well let me, in my infinite teenage wisdom, tell you. Because the child of an artificially contracepting couple is a failure. The child is the accident. The child is not the result of entirely self-giving love, he is the result of a mistake in the use of contraception.

That’s not to say he remains that way in the eyes of his parents, but it is to say that he is greeted with animosity from the get-go. There is immediate temptation towards abortion. And as we know, wherever there is temptation, there is sin. Where there is contraception there is failed contraception, and where there is failed contraception, there is abortion. We know, without a shadow of doubt, that increased use of contraception in society leads to an increased abortion rate. The data is in. Abortion is rooted in contraception, and the weed won’t die unless pulled from the root.

So we – as Catholics – cannot expect to win the fight we are so proud of fighting – an end to the violent injustice of abortion – without fighting the fight we are embarrassed of. It’s easy enough to tell people that we are against the murder of innocents; it gets tough when we tell people not to ruin their marriages with pills and rubber. But we never were called to float along the world’s currents, so please, if you want an end to abortion, oppose the use of artificial contraception.

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