Bayer Corporation Are Bastards

bastard [bas-terd]
2. Slang.
a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person:
Some bastard slashed the tires on my car.

Those of you who follow me know I have some beef with the widespread use of oral contraceptives as the answer to all the world’s problems. I’m afraid I’ve come up with another 10 Reasons the Pill Sucks, may the Lord save the Internet. But before that blows up: As a result of some research for a final paper, I’ve been happily exposed to one of the most evil big-businesses in the universe: Bayer Corporation.

They are the leaders in the development of third-generation oral contraceptives, with their now infamous birth-control pills Yaz and Yasmin. For those who need a brief history lesson, first-generation pills killed people, second-generation aren’t effective enough, have masculinizing effects on women and also killed people, so now we’re on third-generation of oral contraceptives, pills that utilize artificial hormones such as drospirenone, desogestrel (DSG), gestodine, and norgestimate acetate (NORGac) to prevent ovulation.

The problem being, well, that they kill people. (Thus fourth-generation pills are now being developed in the labs. And so it goes…) A 2001 study of all available data entitled “Third generation oral contraceptives and risk of venous thrombosis: Meta-analysis”, has shown third-generation oral contraceptives to double the risk of blood clotting of second-generation pills. In 2007 the activist group Public Citizen — not exactly of a conservative or Christian bent, mind you — released a petition for the FDA to remove the pills entirely from the American market, demanding that they “immediately ban the third generation oral contraceptives containing desogestrel due to the approximately doubled risk of venous thrombosis (30 cases for every 100,000 users per year of third generation oral contraceptives compared to 15 cases for every 100,000 users of second generation oral contraceptives) and lack of evidence of clinical benefit as compared to the second generation oral contraceptives” Third generation pills also include Cyclessa, Desogen, Kariva, Mircette, Ortho-Cept, Reclipsen, and Velivet.

But Bayer Corporation — like all most companies — are concerned with profits, not women’s health. They released an ad campaign — you know the type; full of beautiful, hip young women specifically not having heart attacks — that promoted non-FDA approved benefits of Yaz, such as the reduction of acne and the control of PMS. Like this one:

YouTube Preview Image

Thus it came to pass that an 18 year old girl, prescribed Yaz for her acne, “collapsed on September 24, 2010 while she was making her way to her first class of the morning at North Carolina’s Elon University,” and died of a blood clot in her lungs. I tell the story before the numbers, so you’ll some idea of the pain to magnify. There are over 7,000 individual lawsuits against the company, and during only a four year period between 2004 and 2008, the FDA received more than 50 reports of death of women who were taking Yaz or Yasmin.

Bayer Corporation was required by the State of California to release a 20 million dollar ad campaign correcting their greedy negligence, as well as to “cease any and all claims about the drug that are not FDA-approved”. Being bastards, this is one of the “ads” they released:

YouTube Preview Image

Apparently it was supposed to be funny.

It’s a freaky world, oral contraceptive production. Of course, I’d beg any women on third-generation pills for trivial reasons to consider other options, but that’s not really my goal here. My goal is simply to raise the question, what if oral contraceptives aren’t the world’s greatest gift to women? What if Pill providers do not have your best interests in mind? Thankfully, this information is now contained in the packaging of all FDA approved third-generation oral contraceptives: “Case control studies have found the relative risk of users compared to non-users to be 3 for the first episode of superficial venous thrombosis, 4 to 11 for deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism.” May our understanding increase, along with a respect for our bodies.

  • John Henry
  • Paige Deaner

    Oh my Lord. After reading that history of Bayer, I am 1.) more convinced that this shit is of the Devil and 2.) SO glad I am no longer lining the pockets of these people!!

  • NFPworks

    Canary in the coal mine, yo. Check out this meterologist’s story of suffering from pill-induced DVT:

    Also, check out this story from a friend of a friend, who’s now suing Yaz, which left her blind.

    I want to find at least one courageous person in this medical morass to testify to the crazy cover ups that have no doubt been going down for years.

    Do our pastors even know this stuff. If they aren’t down with Humanae Vitae, can that at least get *this*?

  • Christy Hampton

    There is 30 sec of black at the end of that second commercial and I sat there stunned through almost all of them. ugh.

  • Karyn

    Now, if only I could get my OB/GYN (who also attends my church) to stop advertising the Pill in his office. I realize the vast majority of his patients are not going to follow Church teaching, as we live in the Baptist South, but at least he doesn’t have to promote poison. Maybe I can print this out and slip it into my medical folder at my next prenatal for him to peruse?

    • Michelle Thuldanin

      I wonder about this too. Does anyone know if they “have” to advertise this stuff or offer it? I wonder because with these “wrongful birth” lawsuits if the doctors hands aren’t being tied?

  • Anonymous

    As a woman who is particularly sensitive to hormonal shifts, I often refuse my doctors’ pill-pushing ways by explaining that fact. I had one (of many) say, “Oh wow, that’s actually good sense.” Gee thanks doc, maybe that should be part of the diagnostics before prescribing something that is going to chemically alter a person…

  • That Married Couple

    No way. That second commercial wasn’t real, was it? I feel my lunch coming back up…

  • Anonymous

    As if you weren’t angry enough with Bayer, did you see that a document was just released wherein the former FDA commissioner said that Bayer failed to include an analysis that demonstrated an increase in the US reported rate for clots in a 2004 review of Yasmin’s safety provided to the FDA?! The FDA should remove Yaz from the market completely, or require a Black Box warning at a minimum, especially considering there are safer birth control alternatives available to women. To learn more about Yaz and Yasmin, read

  • Laura

    If she doesn’t want f***ing kids not having sex is also a good idea….

  • Alexandra

    Seeing as you’re a Catholic that follows the Church’s teachings, I’m assuming you’re a virgin and abstinent. Why, seeing that you are an abstinent unmarried male, do you think that you have anything of any value to say about contraceptives?

    The majority of Catholics choose to use contraception despite the Church’s opinion. Until you somehow become a married woman, you should take a moment to rethink whether or not it is your place to judge.

    • AverageJoeCatholic

      Ah the secular world… Where anything goes and the only sin is to say that something is a sin.

      • Zimfreak1

        dont be mad cause the rest of the world thinks your a fuck head.

    • Michelle Thuldanin

      That is like saying I can’t be against slavery because I’ve never owned one, can’t be against rape because I’ve never been raped, can’t be against rushing into a Vegas wedding because I didn’t do it. Did you read the article? I have never smoked, can I not be against it?

  • Michelle Thuldanin
  • Skelly20876

    My otherwise perfectly healthy 32 year old wife just suffered DVT and acute pulmonary emboli that very nearly killed her if not for very quick and skilled medical care. The ONLY risk factor for this non-smoker taking Reclipsen was the drug itself. She’s on blood thinners and lucky to be breathing…and that’s a struggle. Anyone who denies the connection is a f*king moron. I’m looking for a class-action suit to join. Anyone know who to contact?

    • Jess Smith

      Skelly, I’m so sorry to hear about your wife. I’ll pray for her recovery.

      I’m subscribed to this Health Activist site called “Worst Pills” (, and you may find some leads there. If not specific information about suits (there may just be), I know they link to other advocacy groups. Good luck!