Fantastically Catholic Colbert Clips

Now I know, I know — he’s a satirist. And no, he’s not particularly orthodox. But by Hollywood standards, Stephen Colbert is a pretty darn Catholic man. He frequents Mass, he teaches Sunday school, and has a habit of making new-agers and secularists in all their flavors look really, really stupid, even when he is being intentionally simplistic. Without further ado then: My favorite Colbert clips!

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Philip Zimbardo
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This one was brilliant because his guest — Dr. Zimbardo — made it seem like he’d discovered concupiscence, and got rightfully called out. Needless to say, the Samuel Jackson-esque “I teach Sunday school, mother******” has become a staple part of any of theological debate that happens here at Steubie. (It works best as the ending of a Thomist proof, or in rebuttal to an ad hominem attack on a person’s choice of major.)

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Bart Ehrman
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Again, most awesome, because Colbert gives Ehrman some basic home-training as to why we don’t freak out when the person of Christ isn’t contained entirely to one Gospel, but is revealed through all of them.

And just for fun:

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Catholic Bender
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So there you go!

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  • Thomas J. Willis
    • Katrina Fernandez

      It’s fun to count how many things each got wrong.

  • Jeremy

    Darn. I’m in Canada – these clips won’t play for me. Marc, could you post the airing dates of these shows so I can watch them on the Canadian Comedy Network site?

    Also, by far, my favourite Catholic Colbert moment has got to be when he recited the entire Nicene Creed:

    • Thomas J. Willis

      Yes! That was astounding and incredibly in-your-face!

  • ByWayofBeautyDotCom

    Great stuff – I especially love the Zombardo clip. I think at 4:30 you can see his character breaking, his patience wearing thin, and his Catholic spidey sense going off. While I don’t always agree with Colbert or his ways, he is hilarious, brilliant, and undoubtedly a stumbling block to young people who hear about his orthodox faith.

  • Penny Farthing1893

    Those are awesome, especially the first one. That Zombardo guy is…interesting. Like how Lucifer and his angels fell after the creation of man? Uh, they probably fell in the first Planck time, which was considerably earlier…. Oh, well, at least he got schooled.

  • Theresemisercordie

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what precisely has Colbert done or said that smacks of heterodoxy? I’ve only begun watching him in the last few months, so I’m not terribly familiar with all his stuff (yet).
    However, I do love his work as an advocate of the New Evangelization. I think that, overall, he’s making Bl. JPII proud. :D

  • berenike

    So this was the guy who did the gaolers and prisoners experiment!

    Everyone doing psychology should first have to prove they know and understand some philosophy – would save so much time and money.

  • bfaith
    • Lauren G

      Thank you so much for sharing, I’m crying tears of laughter!