Your Weekly Fix of Great Catholic Art

A new, unreleased song from the Catholic-in-all-but-religion (a trifle, really) Mumford & Sons. Love it, be happy, and thank God for good music.

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re interested: Amazing Grace and Come Thou Font of Every Blessing.


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  • Ruth O’Donnell

    Ahh so good, thanks for sharing! Another mumford song to add to my list of songs i can’t stop listening too :)

  • Katrina Fernandez

    endlessly smitten with them.

  • James H

    Mumford and Sons are the great purveyors of poetry at the moment. There are very few of their songs I actually dislike (like ‘Not in Nottingham’).

    The only other artists I ever came across that had such juicy lyrics are Paul Simon: (this one is older than me!)

    and Johnny Clegg:

    Of course, neither of them are even notably Christian, but that’s a bonus with M&S.

  • Bridget

    The link is broken. Could you tell me the name of the song so I can search it? Thanks.

    • Marc Barnes

      thanks for the heads up! i found another video with same recording.

  • Emily

    They are so fantastic!!

  • Dominic Richens

    On the subject of great Catholic Art, gotta plug my “fake daughter” Emma Fradd’s (NET ministries employee and Massive Worship alumni) new CD: