It’s the Best Day Ever!

Why? Yes, it’s St. Valentine’s and all that, but guys! Audrey Assad’s new album Heart was released today! I was lucky enough to get a few pre-release copies, and I held a listening party at Steubie. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

The album is absolutely brilliant. So much of Audrey’s first album is completed by it — the questions asked in The House You’re Building are answered in Heart. (Not that that takes away from mystery and beauty contained in Heart, not by any stretch. The lyrics are just as probing, frank and provoking:

Don’t lie to yourself
O my Soul
Love your God


Far off hymns and funeral marches
sound the same again
my ears are worn and weary strangers
in a strange land…

and all I am is breath and vapor
and shadow
and all I have is what I need
this I know

that I need a new song.

It’s all very glorious, and maintains that rich sacramentalism that makes Audrey’s work so very Catholic, and catholic besides. She’s one of the very few “Christian artists” striving after beauty, and I applaud her for it.

If you never spend money on a single thing I recommend, spend it on this. Buy it on iTunes and Amazon!

YouTube Preview Image

The Art of Dying
Millennial Misery
What We're Doing In Steubenville
The Mode in Which We Go To Mass
  • Emily Tyson Smith

    WAAAAHHHH!!!! I can’t wait for my CD to get here!!!

  • Theresa Corgan

    When I return to steubs this fall can I please join in on any future listening parties?

  • Elizabeth Whitmore

    it’s already in the top 20 albums on itunes!!! let’s keep her album up there!!! BUY IT :)

  • David Bates

    Even though I have a Valentine’s date tonight, it was the release of this album that put a spring in my step this morning ;-)

  • Jay E.

    On the subject of Valentine’s Day, aside from all Her teachings on love, sexuality, marriage and Lamb Banquets…

    Reason number 145,756,837,128,483,891,000 why the Catholic Church is awesome: She has consistently taught, throughout the centuries, that there is no such thing as pink. It is “rose”.

    Know what I’m sayin’?

  • Cady

    Fantastic!!! Love Audrey Assad and can’t wait to hear her new CD. What an appropriate day to launch it out. :)
    Peace and good.

  • Allie

    Bought it bright and early this morning and have been listening to it all day. It’s awesome.

  • Bcb9f

    Marc, you are so cool!

  • Michelle @ Catholic Unveiled

    And this is why I cannot WAIT to get to school next fall :)

  • AttentionDeficitCatholic

    Master Barnes, I feel quite rejected. Why, exactly, was I not invited to this listening party? For shame, Master Barnes, for shame!

  • FlamingCatholic

    SUCH an amazing album!! She reprises the melody in “Restless” in “Lament”….. soooo beautiful. Buy the album and support this calming, honest, Catholic artist.

  • Colleen

    I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to this whole CD at least three times today. Amazing!

  • Elm

    So are you the blonde guy with the Clark Kent glasses?

  • liz

    i saw audrey in concert in september at a catholic church. after the concert my friends and i stopped in the adoration chapel to pray before hitting the road…and who do we see in the chapel after her concert after 2 tiring weeks of touring? AUDREY ASSAD. i knew after that i’d be buying all of her music and encouraging all of my friends to do the same!!

  • Nicole

    Absolutely obsessed with this album. Audrey’s voice is just so beautiful and powerful. She did a wonderful job.

  • Audrey Assad

    Thank you so much for this Marc. Means the world that you’d do it, and it came out so great! :) truly glad you’re enjoying the music.

    • Georg Laing

      When are you releasing in South Africa? Would so love to buy it!

  • Terry O’Connor

    This album has been one of the few things I have been looking forward to. Its just a great, great album.

  • Lauren G

    Sweet vest, bro.

  • Joe Gehret

    Marc, you’ve got good tastes in music.

  • FromMinnesota

    I was at her CD release concert in Minneapolis last night. She has such a beautiful gift.

  • Carson Weber

    Which household’s room was that filmed in?

    -Sir Edmund Campion
    c/o ’04

    • Ampaxx

      TTM’s I believe.

  • Herewegokids7

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. My whole world has gone to hell….thank you Marc, and thank you, thank you, Audrey.

  • Scecchi

    it’s an excellent album and this post was a great idea…music, video, blog…wonderfully made!

  • Janielovespeeta

    Thank you for promoting GOOD Christian music. Incidentally, have you heard Brooke Fraser and Owl City, two of my favorite Christian artists? I almost died when I heard a possible Chesterton reference in Owl City!!!

  • Colleen and Linda-Anne!

    Heyo Marc! This is Colleen and Linda-Anne! We think you’re the bomb-dot-gov! Keep being cool. Don’t ever change. (yearbook style!)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing this Album Marc, I am so glad to see someone as young as yourself so passionately Catholic. I am going to try and spread the word about your blog. And Audrey…thank you so much for your witness, your songs have touched me in no small way. May God Bless Both of You and Mary Keep You.